What do you need to rename in your life?

We speak our life into existence with every word, sentence, and syllable we offer.  Every word we utter holds an energetic vibration and sends a message to the world much like a radio signal frequency.

Like attracts like.
What we say matters.
We can curse or bless our life with the words we speak.  

All too often we are the ones cursing ourselves without knowing it with our mindless thoughts.

“I am so foolish.”“I always lose my keys.”

Everything we say embodies varying degrees of life-forming intention. 
Our words equal intention. By speaking these intended words, we offer permission for these experiences to enter into our life.

What have you been saying lately that offers permission for something or someone unwanted to manifest in your life?

What if you told a different story with your words?

Your life would change in a moment.

We recently built a backyard office with a keypad lock. Every time we enter the code, an alert shows up on our phone notifying my husband and I that the door has been unlocked. This alert required us to name the office.
My husband set this up and you can imagine my surprise when I received my first notification and it read,

“The Shed is locked.”

I shook my head and reread the words in disbelief— ”The Shed?”

Without a doubt, he simply named the office “The Shed” because we had been bantering back and forth on the owning of the “shed.”  Will it be a she-shed, a he-shed, or a we-shed? In a placating effort to not claim it as his own, he named it “The Shed.”  

I could not help but to think about the power this one simple repeated daily word would have on our careers.
When I think of a shed, I think of rusty rakes, old seeds and dirt all over the floor. Not surprisingly, this is not the same image I hold for my career vision board.

I thought to myself, both of our careers are thriving within this structure. We have wired internet, perfect online lighting, intentional feng-shui decor and we even have a beautiful crystal chandelier…this is no shed.
So the negotiation began and looked a bit like this…

“We need something far more abundant sounding than the word shed. How about “The Abundance Abode”?
I knew this name was not acceptable, but my first offer was exaggerated so we could settle in the “middle.”

He retorted with a chuckle, “How about Erin’s Palace?”

I replied, “That name does match our crystal chandelier, but you are working there too. How about ‘The Palace’?”

And “The Palace” was born right then and those words light up on our phones multiple times a day.
The energy around our work has shifted too and as a result both of our careers have experienced incredible success while basking in The Palace’s energy.

Our words are powerful. Every single one of them.

We bring in precisely what we focus on. Energy follows thought and brings it into physical form.

Like always attracts like. 

We can bless our lives with our words or we can curse them.

The next time you notice yourself repeating your common phrases,  

“Oh, there I go again, losing my keys.”

“I’m such a dummy….”

Pause and notice what you are summoning and permitting in your life. If you do not give permission by offering words and intention, it will not enter your life because you have not given it permission to do so.

Where else could this renaming of experiences in your life help you to bring in more abundance, health, wealth and happiness? Working out, chores, paying bills?

Could washing the dishes become “water meditation?” Imagine how beginning that experience with a laugh as you announce to your family, “It’s time for water meditation” might shift the outcome towards more joy, more laughter, perhaps even cleaner dishes. Experiment and notice how much more abundance arrives from your water meditation.

This renaming concept is not new to me. In fact, I published a children’s book in 2008 entitled Angel Birthdays that repositions the day we lose a loved one to offer a more healing term for the day someone becomes an angel. We celebrate a life well lived on our loved one’s Angel Birthday and this phrase has offered a softer, gentler way to address an extremely sensitive day.

What do you need to rename in your life?

We only experience the energy we assign to any given experience, person, place or thing.

Reassigning names of challenges in your life and allowing this new energy signature to bring forth new experiences, people and things will leave you feeling powerful, magnetic and full of abundance.

It is in the moment when we shift our perspective, and the words we offer, that the life that is meant to bless us has permission to fall into place in an instant.

Join me for this week’s meditation, Blessing or cursing your life with your words and begin to attract the life of your dreams.