One of the greatest obstacles and challenges for those seeking and hoping to purchase a home of their own is, to determine what they personally want from their HOUSE. While this may seem somewhat simplistic, it is generally not because there are many variables and the ideal home for one may be far from that for others! For over a decade, I have witnessed this often and have come to the conclusion that, it’s essential for the home buyer and his chosen agent to have an in – depth discussion to best identify the goals, priorities, necessities, needs, etc. With this in mind, this article will briefly examine and discuss using the mnemonic approach some of these aspects and components.

1. Home; heart; healing: One’s house, in some relevant ways, should become his so – called castle! For this to happen, it must make the owner feel a healthy healing feeling! How wills this purchased house be transformed to your home with the heart to make you proud and comfortable living there?

2. Options; organized: Consider what if any options you feel are necessities or at the very least, make you feel happy and satisfied? Is it organized in such a manner which will make it easy and convenient and enjoyable living there?

3. Useful; usable; uses; unique: Does the particular house meet your needs and uses? What unique characteristics exist which meet your goals and aspirations? How will it be usable and useful to your personal present and future family needs?

4. Serviceable; strengths; systems; schools: Are the main mechanical and electrical systems in good condition and will they provide you comfort, convenience and well – being? Have you clearly identified both the strengths and weaknesses of your potential future home? Is it more than merely serviceable but rather inspirational and motivating? Are the schools in the area of a quality you seek for your family’s needs?

5. Entertainment; enjoyment; entices; egress; emphasis: How important is convenience and entertainment to the enjoyment a house? Will you be able to entertain guests when and if you hope to? Do you believe you will enjoy living there and why? What about the home entices you, and makes you want to live there? Does the primary emphasis of this property meet your needs, hopes, expectations, requirements, etc? How convenient is the location in terms of access to transportation major roads and conveniences?

The most essential decision after inspecting the condition, location, schools, etc, is whether the HOUSE, is such which you’ll consider it home! Will you be patient and focused to achieve your needs and objectives?


  • Olivia Jones


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