A life coach is responsible for working by your side to help you process important life events and set goals. They will also keep you accountable so that you meet your goals.

Has Unique Areas of Expertise

What one life coach does may look different from the tasks of another. After all, every life coach has a different area of expertise, and every individual has different needs or areas in which they have a desire to grow. These can include career, family, and mental health. Because of this, no two life coaches are exactly alike. What they do, however, tends to fall into the following similar responsibilities.

Provide Help Processing Important Events

A life coach can help you process events occurring in your life and give feedback to your reactions. If you’re a verbal processor, life coaches are great listeners. They will ask questions to encourage you to think about events, and help you develop a strategy and set goals to overcome roadblocks.

Determine Strengths and Weaknesses

Another responsibility of a life coach is to help you realize your personal strengths and shortcomings. Introspection is difficult, so a life coach can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses through discussion and thought-provoking questions.

Help Set Goals

Another area in which a life coach helps you is in that of goal setting. Many people don’t realize their goals, or don’t understand how to properly set ones that are achievable. Although it may seem simple, people generally find determining their goals and sticking to them a frustrating process. A life coach, however, provides the proper framework for setting goals, and helps people develop simple, easy-to-follow steps so that they can achieve them. Most of the time, a life coach’s methods have been proven successful with a variety of people!

Provide Accountability

A life coach will also keep you accountable, and consistently encourage you to meet deadlines and achieve your goals. If you don’t meet your predetermined standards, they will hold you accountable and work to get you back on track. When someone tells another person that they are going to do something, they are more likely to complete the task because of the power of social expectations.

Although each life coach’s path looks different, they generally are all there to help you improve yourself, whether it be through talking through life events, establishing goals, or holding you accountable.

This article was originally published on DaviaWard.net