30 day positivity challenge

When people describe others as “positive”, some may mistakenly assume that they are consistently:

  • Smiling
  • Insincere or fake
  • In a blissful state while ignoring reality

Actually, that couldn’t be more untrue.

There are many misconceptions about what positivity means.

While you’re probably here to learn how to channel your inner positivity, let’s firstly address what positive thinking actually means, as the definition makes all the difference when it comes to honing this mentality.

According to positive psychology experts, positive thinking means “approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light.”

There are two major themes in that expansive list:

  1. People with positive mindsets consistently make the most of an unfortunate situation
  2. People with positive mindsets build up themselves and others

In other words, individuals that practice and sustain positive thinking make a CHOICE to conquer their days in a way that makes life more enjoyable.

It’s that simple.

The Importance of Adopting A Positive Mindset

While positive thinking isn’t an exact science and can seem “fluffy,” riddle me this…

If having a positive mindset isn’t a big deal, why does research show time and time again that positive thinking leads to better outcomes?

For example, a research study followed over 70K women for over 10 years, which concluded in 2011. The study proved that women who were optimistic had:

  • An enhanced quality of life
  • More energy
  • Better psychological and physical health
  • Less cases of depression
  • Better coping skills throughout challenges
  • Higher life span as compared to those with a negative mindset

While positive thinking won’t cure the toughest cancers or make challenges disappear into thin air; it makes the ride more enjoyable.

Positive thoughts can give you the momentum you need when your body fails you. Our mind is powerful!

Having a positive mindset can 100% change your life as well as those around you.

Need I say more?

How Positive Thinking Shows Up In Our Daily Lives

It’s often difficult to accurately evaluate what “vibe” we give to others without dedicating a significant amount of time to perusing emotional intelligence literature; so, let’s start with something that’s a little more objective yet still revealing.

Let’s do this:

Think of one person you’ve either met or is currently in your inner circle that has a positive mindset. 

I’m talking, no matter what situation they’re in, they have the capability and habit of focusing on what they have learned or how they’re grateful for various moments.

They tend to focus on others during situations, as opposed to themselves. 

Many people look up to them for their outlook on life and are mesmerized how they turned out, despite a rough road.

If you haven’t noticed, people prefer being around those that live life intentionally with purpose and light. Given that, why not make active strides towards living a more productive and happy life?

The REAL Reason I Chose To Adopt A Positive Mindset

I’m personally grateful that I’ve had exposure to positive psychology in early adulthood (I majored in psychology).

However, I have to admit, even though I was naturally driven to understanding people, mindsets, and overcoming triumphs…I tended to just memorize positive psychology theories as opposed to applying them to my own life.

The first time I had a strong desire to become more positive was after my father’s passing in 2010 when I felt wholeheartedly lost.

Throughout my grieving process, I ventured to the self-help section every month at my nearest Barnes & Noble for an entire year, in search of life-changing insights.

I thumbed through the pages for hours during the weekends, hoping to search for a book that could change my life for the better. To help me find purpose. To help guide me. And, to help me understand how to deal with setbacks.

I vividly remember highlighting specific quotes that had the power to change my mindset; and consequently, my life.

While all of the evocative books served as inspiration and a starting point; my life could only truly change if I APPLIED the learnings actively, consciously, and fully.

As a whole, the year of 2010 provided me with emotional depth and an insatiable hunger to reflect on my life.

For this reason, I continue to crave introspective positive mindset books.

I love how they reveal trapped insights out of you that haven’t surfaced before.

One of my favorite habits is regularly asking myself reflective questions in order to make better life decisions and grow into the person I want to be.

And now?

Well, as you may have gathered already, I’m on a personal positive warpath to share that same passion related to positivity with YOU! Yes, YOU!

I want to help people pledge to live a life they’re proud of. And, to invite others to be a part of a community where like-minded individuals have a support system to thrive through trying times.

How The 30 Day Positivity Challenge Can Transform You

If you’ve been thinking of ways to add more positivity to your life, however, you’ve lost your focus recently, a positivity 30 day challenge is a great solution!

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

The same goes for practicing and mastering positivity.

In general, 30 day challenges are POWERFUL.

How exactly?

If any of you have read Atomic Habits you know that the system that we use for building better habits and actions is one of the most important (and often underrated) ways we can change our lives.

It isn’t inspiration that help us achieve a massive goal in the end, it’s the system that we use.

It’s vital to build a system that is EASY and VISIBLE; otherwise, it will likely fade away over time.

As highlighted in, “Do 30 Day Challenges Actually Work?” 30 day challenges are typically foolproof considering:

  • They give you a boost that you need to get started to make a significant change
  • The activities are short and easy to implement
  • Once you begin, the consistent and daily repetition helps you implement the desired change with ease
  • As you conquer and achieve the daily successes, they give you the satisfaction and recognition you need to KEEP GOING

So, let’s do this! The excerpts for the positivity challenge are listed below. There is also a FREE Printout Gift at the end of this article for you to use.

Official 30 Day Positivity Challenge

Day 1. Think of something positive upon waking up.

Act happy, even if you don’t feel happy. Your thoughts and behavior are a product of conscious choice. So, start your day off by thinking of something you’re looking forward to.

ADDED BONUS: Starting off with positive daily thoughts increases the likelihood of similar thoughts throughoutthe day.

Day 2: Complete your own thought audit.

For 5 minutes, compare how many positive thoughts you have had in the past day vs negative thoughts.

Are you focusing on how you’re behind on something vs celebrating a win? Are you concentrating on someone else’s faults and not leaving room for potential new information to change your mind?

Remind yourself that those thoughts aren’t helpful…and stop allowing your inner negativity narrator to take the stage.

Let this sink in –> If you focus on what’s missing, you’ll never see what’s there. Expand on the good things so that the negative junk becomes less important.

The thoughts you choose to think and believe right now are creating your future. These thoughts form your experiences tomorrow, next week, and next year. -Louise Hay

Day 3. Tune into your emotions. 

Get a temperature check on your emotions. What are your emotions telling you right now? If you’re grumpy…are you jealous? Are you feeling incompetent? 

Ask yourself why you feel this way and how you can make it better.

Dig into the root cause and train yourself to act.

If you’re feeling resentful, jealous, or angry you can:

  • Watch comedy.
  • Look at old photos.
  • Review bloopers from your favorite actor.
  • Ignore emotions, just as you would any other negative person! 
  • Take a stand – do you really want to “stay” in an emotion that doesn’t serve you well?
  • Accept where you are and mark this day as a new beginning.
  • Replace negative thoughts with gratitude. If you purposely acknowledge emotions, they instantly hold less power.

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. Carlos Castenada

Day 4. Eliminate an irritant from your life.

Complete 1 action that removes an irritant from your life.

If you have a messy closet that drives you bonkers, purchase closet organizers and give away clothes that don’t bring you joy.

If you’re in debt, go visit a financial advisor.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity inspires you to become more positive and less frustrated.

Day 5. Create a daily gratitude ritual.

Expressing gratitude can energize, inspire, and transform you. How you practice gratitude depends on your preference. A few options are listed below:

  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for as soon as you wake up.
  • State 3 things you’re grateful as you lay in your bed every night.
  • Add to a long-standing gratitude list in a diary during lunch.

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you. -Ralph Marston

Day 6. Go outside and smell the roses. 

Never lose your ability to explore nature. Making a deliberate choice to appreciate something outside consistently will inspire you to worry less, feel at peace, and become grateful.

No matter where you live, there IS something to be in awe of….if you don’t know what it is yet, go figure it out NOW!

Don’t live near a national park or water? No problem! Go visit a beautiful flower garden or take a trip to visit old trees.

If you need a little extra accountability or motivation, start a picture challenge to view your favorite spot during different seasons or start a quest to view 50 new places during the next 5 years.

Day 7: Lose track of time during a flow activity.

Invest your energy in 1 activity that is pure enjoyable. The New York Times Best Seller Book, Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience illustrates how important it is to recharge and plan time in your life for little moments when you do absolutely nothing as you get lost in a creative trance.

It’s true that presence is just as important as productivity.

Given that, make sure to secure time for yourself and give yourself time to breathe for a real energy boost.

Mindfulness is a learned skill – enjoy the moment(s) and you will enjoy your life. Achievements are important but what is equally important is fulfillment along the journey. 

Day 8: Sit quietly and focus on your breath.

Fo 2 minutes, create a moment with  little distraction, ability to focus, and time to breathe. Empty your mind right now by eliminating distractions in order to allow more space for something else.

If you want to make this a truly healing experience, light some incense and candles. Try out the Calm app. Slow down your pattering heartbeat. Wiggle your fingers. Feel grateful for all the things you can feel. Catch yourself when your mind starts to wander.

Day 9: Learn a new habit, skill, or life hack.

There is something about learning that makes you feel alive and young, no matter your age! It feels so good becoming a beginner again.

What have you always wanted to learn to do but haven’t due to the imposter syndrome or lack of time?

Today is your day!

Dedicate the day to making strides towards learning something new that makes your life better. Chances are, once you try to learn, you’ll continue to keep it going tomorrow, too.

Day 10: Do something to make yourself proud.

Write a letter to someone, start an herb garden, listen to a friend, turn off e-mail notifications, send outdoor picnic invitations in the mail, pick fresh strawberries, visit a café, cook a new meal, start a new diary, read a book, or enjoy a warm cup of tea while looking out the window.

Day 11: Reflect on how much you’ve multitasked recently. 

If you’re distracted, you may actually be adding time and leaving important details off.

For 1 hour, obliterate your need to multitask.

When you’re having a conversation, have a conversation. Write a handwritten letter and package it. Work from a café until you complete a report. Immerse yourself into cooking a great meal filled with sensations without talking on the phone.

When your attention is interrupted next, ask yourself, should I give this my undivided attention right now? You should be comfortable stating to yourself or others, “Can it wait?”

 Those stressful days are gone, and I don’t think I’ll ever see them again. I don’t have the meetings and high-powered days like I used to. I drift to work somehow gazing at the blazing sun, aqua blue ocean, hibiscus blossoms, and the marshmallow clouds. I wear island dresses in the endless cool breezes with my hair in a wet bun. Most of the time, I hide my bathing suit underneath it all so I can hit the beach right after. I’m dreaming of strolling the beach, laughing, giggling, and snoozing while listening to music and chirping birds. Dana Powell

Day 12. Act confident about everything that you do.

The first step in developing confidence is believing in yourself. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” What you think about yourself is based on your past experiences and mindset, whether it is good or bad.

Check out the ideas below for some quick ways to boost confidence throughout the entire day today:

  • Be proactive and list areas where you lack confidence.
  • Write a list of all the things you’re proud of for doing or being.
  • Watch one of the best Ted Talks of All Time by Amy Cuddy! In a nutshell, fake confidence if it’s not natural, until you yourself are fooled. 

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Maya Angelou

Day 13. Re-level your expectations on how something will be.

Think of an upcoming event or current relationship that you’re worried about. Take a moment to reflect, are your expectations in line with what you can control? If not, you’re likely setting yourself up for failure.

Instead of overanalyzing situations and worrying if all of your steps will occur the way you want them to, let something GO that is bothering you today.  

Have a dinner with a new acquaintance without expecting anything. Enjoy a performance review. Enjoy helping someone out without worrying about reciprocity.

Trust yourself that if it doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, there may be something better in store for you. 

Day 14. Reflect on the good things happening in your life RIGHT NOW.

Make a list of ten reasons why the present moment is good enough for you right now.

Things like ” you have a healthy body,” “you have people that love you,” “you sustain traditions, “you have choices and freedom,” or “you have a sense of humor.”

You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. Wizard of Oz

Day 15. Cheer someone up who needs it.

Reach out to a long lost friend or family member who you haven’t spoken with for a while that may be lonely, going through a tough time, or that you just genuinely miss. As they say, we rise by lifting others. 

Day 16. Take time for a simple pleasure that you adore. 

What you have saved for later that you should start, today? 

Take a free online course. Pick up a new hobby. Create a colorful to-do list. Make your living room cozy. Arrange a get-together. Create something beautiful. Pick up a magazine or book you’ve been eyeing at your nearest bookstore. 

Day 17. Start writing your bucket list.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a lot to look forward to in this beautiful life. Show how much you appreciate it by crafting experiences, activities, and hobbies that bring you joy.

You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to have a thrilling list; check out our other post, How to Create A Modern Bucket List, to create tasks that are evocative and exciting, for YOU!

Day 18. Forgive someone that hurt you.

This can be one of the toughest activities in this list, and yet, the most rewarding.

In Forgiving Others Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself, you’ll see tons of research that proves forgiveness is an important part of how happy people live their lives.

In addition, you’ll see tips for practicing forgiveness such as calming your emotions and practicing gratitude for what the experience taught you.

Day 19. Create a vision board.

This activity provides you with two gifts:

  1. You engage in a “flow” activity that allows you to exude creativity and lose track of time.
  2. You create a visual management system for achieving your dreams in a light-hearted way.

So, get your craft on. Tear, cut, paste, and create your dream list using your intuition as a guide. When you’re busy with your hands and you get into a flow, you discover things that make you happy.

Visualization is a way to feel your dreams.

It can showcase exciting new choices, identify past experiences that you want to do more of, and balance current healthy routines.

Day 20. Purchase a Self-Improvement Book.

Get lost in a book that helps you grow. No matter what you’re going through, there are thousands of books that can take you to the next level. For some initial inspiration, check out the Goodreads Self-Help Section.

Day 21. Move your body.

As they say, movement creates power and momentum. Go for a run long or walk in a beautiful area. This is one of those things you NEVER regret, so why not?!

Day 22. Try a Healthy Recipe You’ve Been Eyeing. 

What masterpiece have you been too intimidated to make yourself for months (or years)? What dishes lighten your mood and make you feel refreshed? If you’re out of ideas, check out Tieghan’s Half Baked Harvest, she has gone absolutely viral on Instagram!

Day 23. Relish in your childhood favorites.

What shows, books, or products are nostalgic to you? What did you cherish as a child or a teen? Find something you love and go back in time when times were light & simple. Helpful hint – Hulu and Youtube.com has TONS of old episodes.

Day 24. Create Your Own Passion Project or Side Hustle.

The first question to answer is “What do you enjoy doing that could help others?!” Once you know the answer to that, start experimenting today with your new dream. Even if it’s just devoting 1 hour to your new idea, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to leverage natural motivation tomorrow., too.

Day 25. Start Planning A New Annual Tradition.

The more traditions you have, the more fun you have.

What activity do you want to look forward to every year? What holiday do you want to elevate to make it a memorable experience that you (and others) can cherish for years to come?

Whether it’s baking grandma’s cookies, running with others on Thanksgiving before a big meal, or delivering cards to the elderly during winter; choose something that is meaningful to YOU.

Day 26. Practice thinking and speaking only positive words. 

Whether you think you’re positive or not, your internal or external dialogue may disagree with you.

Throughout today, make a conscious effort to only speak highly of yourself, others, and the environment. Watch the smiles around you and the way you feel as your words illuminate your surroundings. 

Day 27. Take a quick trip to an inspirational spot.

There is nothing better than a small getaway that makes you appreciate nature, wildlife, and the sun.

Bring some tea, a picnic basket, and a book to your local park, garden, or cove. Treasure the moment for yourself or with others. Those are the little moments that add up to the most precious of our times. 

Day 28. Create a positivity playlist.

What songs lift your spirits up? What songs remind you of treasured memories with people who are no longer here? Check out The 50 Happiest Songs of All Time, some are surprisingly splendid!

Day 29. Plan ahead to the next holiday.

Who can you send cards to? What meal can you make? What tradition can you sustain? What music playlist can you display? Think of all the sights, sounds, feels, and smells to make an upcoming holiday the best one yet.

Looking forward and putting effort into a special day can absolutely transform your mood. Instead of worrying about what others are doing and comparing yourself to others, put your energy into creating the perfect day for YOU. 

Day 30. Spoil yourself in a way that makes YOU feel blessed. 

There is no need to splurge in order to have an indulgent afternoon. The trick is remembering what actually lights your world up like nothing else and makes you feel grounded? Once you know, you can do research and find inspiration on Pinterest to make it even more special. Planning goes A LONG way. 

And there you have it 30 days of positivity and inspiration prepped and ready to go!

30 Day Challenge Summary

  • Day 1. Think positive thoughts upon waking up.
  • Day 2: Complete your own thought audit.
  • Day 3. Tune into your emotions. 
  • Day 4. Eliminate an irritant from your life.
  • Day 5. Create a daily gratitude ritual.
  • Day 6. Go outside and smell the roses. 
  • Day 7: Lose track of time during an activity you love.
  • Day 8: Sit quietly for 2 minutes and focus on your breath.
  • Day 9: Make strides towards learning a new habit, skill, or life hack.
  • Day 10: Complete an activity that makes you proud of yourself. 
  • Day 11: Commit to “no multitasking” for at least 1 hour.
  • Day 12. Act confident about everything that you do today.
  • Day 13. Re-level your expectations on how a certain event or relationship will go.
  • Day 14. Reflect on the good things happening in your life RIGHT NOW.
  • Day 15. Catch up with someone who could use a boost of positivity.
  • Day 16. Take time for a simple pleasure that you adore. 
  • Day 17. Start writing your bucket list.
  • Day 18. Forgive someone that hurt you.
  • Day 19. Create a vision board.
  • Day 20. Purchase a Self-Improvement Book.
  • Day 21. Move your body.
  • Day 22. Try a Healthy Recipe You’ve Been Eyeing For Months (or years)
  • Day 23. Relish in your childhood favorites.
  • Day 24. Create Your Own Passion Project or Side Hustle.
  • Day 25. Start Planning A New Annual Tradition.
  • Day 26. Practice thinking and speaking only positive words for an ENTIRE day.
  • Day 27. Take a quick trip to a local garden, park, or cove that inspires you.
  • Day 28. Create a positivity playlist.
  • Day 29. Plan ahead to the next holiday.
  • Day 30. Spoil yourself in a way that makes YOU feel blessed. 

Additional Positive Vibes

Well, there you have it! You can download the FREE 30-day positivity challenge by clicking this link!

30 day positivity challenge