If you’ve been on a spiritual journey, you may have come across terms like ‘Transurf”. The word Transurf (noun) and Transurfing (verb) is an esoteric term combining two meanings. ‘Trans’ – meaning to transcend your current reality. To not feed what is being projected into the material world.
And ‘Surf’ – meaning to dive deeper into the multidimensional layers of your Self and activate the metaphysical unseen part of you.

Transcending our current reality is a teaching that has been around for millennia. Surfing and exploring other dimensions and various techniques for exploring have also been around for millennia.

To ‘transurf’ is a state where you can read and feel vibrations thus begin to read frequencies of the heart. This is the state when the mind comes into the heart and creates a vibrational frequency science is calling coherence. Coherence is measured when the Mind and Heart create a frequency together, but separate from their own. Many people struggle to experience this coherence. The secret is you have to get quiet and you have to get you, or who you think you are, out of the way. You have to become nothing, with love.

This is where the magic happens. However, the work you have to do is internal. No one can do this work for you.

What I mean by getting you out of the way is any idea of what you think you are- mom, dad, your career, your past: anything that you identify with. You’ve heard the term “it’s darkest before the dawn”? That’s what this is like. Is the point in the morning where the sky is the darkest but the stars shine the brightest. Become this state.

You have to get dark; quiet. You have to be still in order to recognize the signs that show you which direction to go- this is the heart speaking to you when you’re in this state. This state is where the magic happens. This is where the two parts of you, you’re Human and you’re Being, are centered and connected as one. Get quiet, listen to your intuition and open yourself up to the possibilities.

Variability is the world’s most fundamental quality. Example, nature follows the path of least resistance, So, if we look around in say a garden, do we just see only red roses? No. We see all kinds of roses; White, pink, gigantic or petite! There is variability within variability. And then there’s more variability.

The world’s most fundamental quality is variability; remember this.

Getting into Physics a little bit here- science and spirituality at it’s finest! Physics creates a model of our universe in how we can experience it; see it, touch it, taste it, use our five senses to detect it and understand how it works. So, how you can apply them to your life?

Any model of the universe represents just one manifestation of reality and you have to choose it in order for it to manifest.

Getting past the mind is how you realize this. It’s about observing from this multidimensional space within YOU. This internal space is an information field recording all that was, is and ever will be.

We are physically moving with time and space and into different sectors of this field. Each sector will have its own scripts, role and part to play. You’ll have your character and your role to play within that sector. This is why I work with a lot of people who are in the beginning stages of spiritual awakening, they’ll be like, “I don’t know. I feel like I just got this huge download”. And they did!

All possibilities are in the field. They jumped sectors, downloaded the scripts of information because they’ve accessed this new sector in the information field. Hopefully that makes sense. As mind blowing as this is, your mind may not understand it. Let it go past the mind and hear this from the heart. You’re heart will know.

If you are looking at a physical reality you do not want, Transurf it! Stop feeding the current reality, go inside and get clear. Create an image of what you WANT to see MORE of in your reality. Conger up all your emotions on what that would feel like done. Make this MORE real than the reality you see in your physical projected world and watch your reality transform.
Is what you are experiencing in your world what you want more of? If not, transurf it! And transform your reality!