Think Bigger with the Idea Collective

Leveraging the cycle of collaboration, feedback, accomplishments, and overcoming challenges.

Leveraging the cycle of collaboration, feedback, accomplishments, and overcoming challenges

Whenever you’re going through a rebrand, which I did earlier this year with the amazing team at La Belle Creative, you’re encouraged to ask yourself some tough questions. Questions like “what’s my target audience” and “what do I do” were easy on the surface. But I was in a place where I wanted to really figure things out

Yikes. In addition to just taking time out to think, I knew I had to reach out to my community. I started with the seemingly simple questions, “what do I do?” and “how can I get better?”

I got a lot of feedback, but there was one person in particular who made me completely pause. She was a past client and said, “Working with Pat means that you’re going to think bigger.”

Enter longer pause. 

I thought back to working with her—and that’s that’s exactly what we did together. At every step in the process, I remember saying, “Yes, that’s great—what else can you do?” and “How can you make that effort twice as big, three times as big?” and “How do we 10x that?”

For me, the effort is always about growth and trying to accomplish your goals in a bigger way. I feel like sometimes when we’re not motivated, it means we’re either not focused on the right stuff…or worse, we’re not challenged. We’re simply not thinking big enough. 

And I know from all my time in business that it takes a team to push us out of our comfort zones. To encourage us to see ourselves as we are and encourage us to dive deeper. That’s why I formed the Idea Collective—it’s a group of amazing small business owners who are focused on growing, scaling, and challenging themselves and others to think bigger. It’s a place where you can collaborate and get the support you need so you don’t have to grow it alone.