It is very important to your success to understand the root Core of what manifesting money really means. All too often, there are mixed teachings which can be very confusing. Some of you may be stuck in the mindset of working very hard in order to manifest your goals. On the other hand, there may be those of you who believe in wishfull thinking, magical happenings, and visualization with the hopes of achieving what you want.

 All of these are correct, and none of these are correct. That statement may seem confusing let me explain why.  First let’s address what manifesting money really means. The definition of manifesting, is to bring something into physical reality, which we did not previously have. 

 Every time you’ve had a desire and an urge to manifest money or a person or situation in your life and it came into reality that was a moment of manifestation. It’s easy to manifest anything you want. However when it comes to money we embody so much fear and doubt and confusion that it makes it very difficult to happen.

 The idea of manifesting money  divides most of us into one of two mindsets until we learn to incorporate both. Understanding what each mindset really is will help you to gain a better understanding of what manifesting is and what it is not.

 The Work Extra Hard Mindset

 Some people still have the hardwired believe that they must work extra hard in order to manifest what they want. No matter how much literature they read on the power of the mind and of attraction they believe that they can only achieve through physical output, such as hard work.

What that does is create a stagnant mindset as well as a stagnant situation. In that case a person finds themselves working extremely hard and becoming burnt out without achieving the results or manifesting the money that they want. This way of thinking of manifesting is faulty, even if you produce some results you will soon enough come to a wall where you simply are not able to manifest any results.

 Magical Thinking

 On the other hand there are those who believe in complete magical thinking.  Those are the ones who want to believe so strongly in the power of their mind that they do not believe in taking any action whatsoever. It is true that the mind on its own can create miracles and magic. However this is the case with people who have come into a more powerful state of self-consciousness.

 For the average person who believes in magical thinking they will come against difficulties if they do not take some action.  There are definitely some things which you can manifest by Simply thinking of them alone. However because money is a physical thing with his spiritual and energetic Foundation, manifesting money requires that you combind both mindsets to some degree.

Stealth Force

 The secret to manifesting money, requires that you combine two aspects of yourself.  To the people who believe in magical and wishful thinking you are half way there, when it comes to manifesting what you want. And to the people who believe in very hard work you are probably 10% in alignment with what you really want. Now those numbers are just hypothetical numbers  to help you in understanding what is really needed in manifesting your desires.

In order to manifest money you must not only connect with the magical side of yourself; the side of you which believes that money could come from amazing places. You may also use prayer for money manifesting. You must also be able to take action in a direction of the closest source of that money that you want. 

Now the secret of combining both is that the magical part of yourself knows exactly where to find what it is you are trying to manifest. So when you try working very hard without combining the magical thinking, you may find yourself getting burnt out.

You may also find yourself meeting with a lot of difficulties and and walls and boundaries that you would not get if you could build the other aspect of self. 

You manifest money by first sourcing it from the spiritual side of yourself.  The part of you which dreams, wishes, fantasies and such.  You manifest the money and bring it into form by doing only the most required steps which are in perfect alignment with what you have created in thought form.

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