During this moment in time, we don’t need to force ourselves to be productive every single day. To take some days to put aside the work we have, is in fact, productive. Making time for yourself to breath, think, and be creative for the sake of creativity, is being productive.

Even though things have looked, let’s just say, different, it’s helpful to keep some adjusted version of our schedules and plans we had before. This is helpful on those days when I’m working through the “why is this happening”, “what the fuck is going on”, “why can’t this end..yesterday” feelings.  

Before things got different, I kept a daily goal calendar. Those daily goals were broken down from my year end goals. That helped me stay on schedule and only commit to doing things that aligned with what I wanted to see happen at the end of the year.  Yes, I’ve made changes, but I still look at that daily calendar. Another thing that has helped me stay productive, on the days I plan to be, is getting dressed in what I would wear outside of my house. If you can work in your pajamas all day, then cheers to you twice! I get dressed, comb my hair, put on makeup and earrings, and perfume. This puts me in a “ok I’m ready to make stuff happen” mode.

It may help to stay on the version of the schedule you had before. If you normally wouldn’t wait until 3p to shower, don’t do it now. Or take advantage of possibly creating a new schedule for yourself. Or maybe you don’t want a schedule at all. But, knowing what you would like to do on any given day will at least give you a guide to follow.