Continuing on my theme of quotes inspiring my newsletters, the quote this week is, “All I need to do is be happy.”  I don’t remember where or who I heard this quote from, but when I heard it, I wrote it down. I’ve been thinking about it since then and honestly, I am struggling with it.

I come from a family who struggles with mental health issues. Although I believe that in given moments, we can choose how to feel and respond. However, it’s not that simple. As I struggled with this statement and what lesson to take from it, what I thought about was, understanding what makes us happy.

I think that is something we can all work on. I noticed my 16-year-old son is in a much better mood after he hangs out with his friends than when he is isolated in his room on his devices. Even playing online with strangers puts him in a better state of mind. He is energized from the interactions. He is a (taller) mini me and thrives on connection!

Not everyone wants to be around others all the time and the recent prolonged isolation was damaging. In fact, social isolation is more detrimental to our health than obesity or smoking. If you’ve read my book, you’ve learned some staggering statistics about how much social isolation increases our stress levels.

Connection makes us all healthier, and for my son, it also makes him happier. Think about the following three questions:

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy at work?

What makes you happy at home?

How can you integrate those things with your own unique motivational style to create more happiness in your life? For me, I like to check things off lists and I love organized spaces (especially if I am not the one doing the organizing). I also love talking to people and feeling like I’m making an impact in both my professional and personal life.

There are many things that make me feel happy. Understanding those things and incorporating them into my life makes it easier to feel or choose happiness. Or at least focus on the happy moments.

I’d tweak the quote we started with from “all I need to do is be happy” to “all I need is to understand what makes me happy, then do it!” 

Take a little time to discover what puts you in a happy place. Then try to bring that into your life.

I wish everybody happiness in their lives.