Serial entrepreneur, Justin Woll, is a 23 year-old millionaire that has built his empire from the ground up. He runs the largest one-on-one ecommerce consulting agency in the industry, as well as a portfolio of other businesses, and was awarded the 2017 Entrepreneur award from Rutgers University of NJ, a TOP business school for top business students, with approximately 60k students. and is responsible for consulting massive seven and eight figure companies who need help with marketing and sales processes.

Since he was fourteen years old, Justin already had the desire to be his own boss. He even started a number of entrepreneurial ventures, from running a large Youtube channel, to buying & reselling a variety of deals online, he was always looking for that special “something” that would help him provide for himself and his family.

While in school, Justin was introduced to online marketing and ecommerce and was immediately hooked.

“I hardly ever left my dorm and tested store after store, product after product, always tweaking and refining my strategy until I finally found a formula that worked for me and ultimately led to my first big ecommerce success. I then became more involved in the online ecommerce community to further expand my knowledge and share my strategies with others,” he says.

Having grown up in a fast moving environment, constantly moving around homes, always having to worry about cash flow, Justin decided he would go all in with online marketing, stopping at no costs to hit the milestones he wanted.

Justin soon realized he was a natural salesman, marketer, and entrepreneur. His first store and other businesses went on to do mass numbers in just the first 6 months. He became hooked to building businesses.

Soon, Justin realized that there was a big gap for authentic and real advice. He was getting bombarded with messages and questions day and night. He finally decided to “give in” and offer a few select one-on-one coaching spots to teach fellow entrepreneurs, even after being advised against this, since coaching was seen as being too demanding.

His business, BeyondSixFigures, is the largest one-on-one ecommerce consulting agency in the industry. They help ecommerce entrepreneurs, of all levels,  start, stabilize, and scale their business.

“No matter their business size, we are able to provide them with specific tactics for them to either establish their business or further grow it once they plateaued,” he says.

With 24/7 messenger access to himself and his whole team, they simply offer their students the most individualized attention in the industry.

Justin also has a portfolio of other companies that he invests his time into, in exchange for equity – to help them grow and become established, he calls this his “Empire Building Program”. Business owners who want to scale will ask Justin to join and help to grow, strategize, and build the business to that seven or eight figure mark.

He felt drawn to this industry because of the endless possibilities in ecommerce.

“It has never been easier to create an online store / source products and advertise them online as it is right now. You can start an online store today and have an established customer base in germany, south africa, brazil and japan only a few short weeks later,” he says.

He also always loved the idea of being able to travel and work from his phone and laptop.

“Nothing excites me like the idea of being on a beach working, making money, and changing the lives of others as I do it.  I truly made my dreams reality. I used to spend over twelve hours a day, and still often times do, to make sure I am outworking the guy to the left of me, I decided I was going to make an impact if others life, my life, and  the world,” he states.

As an entrepreneur, he urges everyone to become one.

“Let it drive you, let it fuel you, but most importantly never let it tear you down or slow you down. You must truly be willing to sacrifice your sanity at certain points to get to where you know you can be, you must be able to control this, and understand when it happens,” he advises. 

Justin has lived his whole life without any regrets, never wanting to think of what could have been. He encourages people to not wait for the perfect time.

“You need to understand and brace yourself for impact, because most of the time you are not going to be ready to embark on the journey that you are about to start,” he says. 

Justin Woll eats, sleeps, and breaths marketing, mentorship, sales, and branding. He has made it his life’s goal to never stop doing what he does, and continue to help thousands of people reach their goals. That’s exactly what he has been able to do through his BeyondSixFigures brand, and he is now focused on creating other massive moving parts for the business to continue to change the world.