When you hear the word “coach” the first image that comes to mind is perhaps the traditional clipboard yielding person on the sideline of a football field. Dressed in the team colors, this person designs strategies, drills and exercises to maximize the combined talent of each player and ultimately be victorious against any opposing team they may face.

Traditionally, we associate a coach with a sport, however times have changed. We can find a coach for just about any part of our lives. Health, fitness, business, career, life… But the main goal or objective remains the same. Propelling you towards success.

Here are a few reasons that you may need a coach:

  • You are going through a major change (parenthood, marriage, divorce, mourning)
  • You want to take better care of yourself (health, fitness, diet, sleep, illness)
  • You want to launch a business (entrepreneurship, franchise)
  • You want to advance or change your career (recent graduate, promotion or redirection)
  • You want to add value to your life (balance, self-confidence, harmony and love)
  • You want to maximise your personal recovery (trauma recovery, mental health)

Regardless of your “why”, there is a coach out there for you. However, you do need to find the right one. The one that you can connect to. The one that you can be openly honest with so they can provide you with everything you need to reach your goal.

A coach will help you identify what is holding you back; the obstacles that you may very well be putting in your own way. They will bring you on the road to self-discovery, clarify your vision, identify your strengths and give you the tools to reach your goals.

They will be your accountability partner and your cheering squad all rolled into one.

Remember, the only question you need to know the answer to is your “why”. The right coach can help you figure everything else out.