Earning a livelihood is one of the fundamental need of a standard living. All of us are doing at last something to earn a livelihood. Sometimes it becomes our goal of life. We may wonder what makes us doing so? What would be the driving force behind it?

What keeps us passionate about this goal?

We may say the desires and aspirations force us to achieve that goal. Then the question is why don’t we succeed to gain too many things that we desire the most? Like, 80 per cent of the world isn’t wealthy, they don’t enjoy a luxurious life. Don’t they desire to live such a life? Don’t they want to be rich?

Obviously, they desire but not get their goal. Every one of us has a desire to enjoy everything that we notice others are enjoying. Then why the majority of people can’t achieve that life?

It means there is something else that drives us to achieve life goals.

Let’s look into the other example.

Go around the world, visit any place, meet as many people as you can in your life. You will see one thing in common. All of them are making their livelihood by any means. All of them arrange some food and clothes (if they aren’t mentally sick). What drives a poor person and a rich to earn some food by any means. Earn some food means maybe someone living in a jungle won’t require money to get food, but he may require some effort to get that directly. So, everyone, even the animals arrange some food.

What’s the difference in both cases?

The huge difference between both cases is the “reason” that works behind it. My mentor, Tony Robbins has said, whatever we do we do for a reason. In both of the cases, apparently, there are reasons behind both goals. Acquiring food has a reason for life and acquiring some extra money has a reason to enjoy luxury living.

What’s the bigger reason?

Definitely, life is the biggest reason in the world. Every one of us is struggling for life. That’s why every one of us doing something to get some food. It means whenever the reason is strong we put all of our to achieve the thing.

So, the reason behind anything is the fuel that drives us to attain our goals. As the stronger the reasons as the better we run. As the weaker the reason as the slow we are. The rest is managed by other reasons. When a stronger reason is pulling us somewhere else, the weaker reasons seems to be useless desires and hence perished. Isn’t it so?

Tell me what drives you to attain your goals? Do you have some other force that drives you?