We live in a world where ice caps are melting, our country is on fire, native forests are being cut down, animals are becoming extinct – humanity is facing extinction.

And how long have we known? (rhetorical question)

We live in a world, where, collectively, at least in Western Civilisation, likes are more important than love and learning, more important than connection. Where single use plastic is seemingly more sensible than patience to practice the craft of potion making, parents giving their children screens rather than showing up entirely, parents who are stressed rather than safe, boys who only know the misguided ideas they see about romance in movies and liken the value of the intimacy of a woman to the dollar, not trust and rapport, young women who are hiding their potential but exposing their bodies, where health is not even cure, but band-aid solutions instead of balance and prevention. We live in dis-ease.

Our natural tendencies go against nature and hurt the very mother who gives us home, gives us life. And what will we do when she is gone?

We live in a world of addiction, trauma and secondary gain. Where our need for connection and belonging is so deep that we exchange years of our life for it. We die young to fulfil what we are not getting. Not realising that a life of fulfilment and harmony is within us all, if only we remember it.

What global warming tells us about value is that we are a collection of humans who so desperately want to be met. That fulfilling our needs is easier than taking a risk.   And we have repressed it to the point that we don’t even realise. An underlying gaping fear of being rejected, again.

Let’s meet ourselves. Give ourselves permission.

Intergenerational trauma and disconnection that can stop with us when we step into our hearts and heal our minds with the light of our own creation. Going from auto-pilot to conscious wiring and firing of neurons, creating a path to abundance. Abundant path creators, co-creating into an expansive vision for all of us, every one.

We live in a world where competition is often a more hungry driver than collaboration.

Instead of zeroing in on the problem and problem solving, together, players in the game are still competing, a competition to increase the dollar while their employees mental health is depleting.

And we are still arguing about whether these problems are even existing.

Gaslighting extinction to protect a façade of illusory separation.

Now, a lot of these ideas are deeply ingrained and they come from the fore thinkers, the founders. Darwin, Freud. Of humans having dark and underlying tendencies and that evolution is driven by the war of nature, from famine and death. We are standing on the shoulders of giants with ideologies that are destroying our habitat. We are perpetuating a cycle that is disrupting our Biome, and gradually compartmentalizing us all into boxes, occupying us within that box while our unconscious behaviours deteriorate what is outside of it, our environment, our home beyond the walls built by man.  So what happens when we remember to look, and it’s gone?

What will be left of our home beyond our stage of cognitive dissonance?

When we remember why we are here but it is too late to continue the mission?

So I ask you. What does a world, a safe world, an abundant world, a home look like to you? And what does a person do who wants to achieve it.

People on a mission have no competition.

We are one among many. If we clarify our vision, we reverse engineer the process and already have done the real work, which is create the vision, we just take the steps, we walk on the stones of our own creation, until we come home.

Let’s meet there. And remember that we are all in this together. For my spark is as bright and as strong as yours, we are but in different stages of remembrance.