Employee-First Company

When it comes to recruiting good talent, a lot of companies find it challenging to stand out from the crowd. Whether you have one of the greatest job openings with the high paycheck and flexible working hours, if you lack a strong employer brand, you’ll be sending countless emails to uninterested prospects.

Nowadays, businesses are not evaluated based on their efficiency and products. For example, Google is not only a search engine. It’s a company whose employee-first goodwill makes people die to work for them.

You should treat your employees as customers who are the first critic of your brand. The approach includes performing several tasks such as targeting your employee persona, creating a strong value proposition, and engaging in online communication.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers!

Brands like Google, L’Oréal and IKEA have one thing in common. They focus on their employer brand and always think about improving the well-being and happiness of their employees.

According to the figures mentioned above, making an attractive employee brand isn’t only about bringing talented people. It requires great effort to position your company as a brand that values relationships and employees.

Let us have a look at four actionable ideas to help you build an engaging employer brand which attracts right talent:

  1. Step Up for The Digital Challenge

In today’s era, the majority of potential hires are tech-savvy. Thus, they pay attention to your online presentation and the digital employee experience you’re providing. According to a survey conducted by Spherion Staffing, almost 47% of millennials agreed that a prospective employer’s reputation is as important as the job. Thus, it is imperative to get enterprise apps and websites developed by a professional and make sure they’re responsive and updated.

A GoodFirms survey of 750+ full time-employees discovered the state of employees. The survey revealed that the majority of employees want at least three employee benefits such as flexible timings, annual raise and five working days. It also reports that almost 56.6% of workers across the globe are satisfied with their current jobs, while 30.15% are looking for a change.

  1. Conduct Industry Events

You need to host industry events if you’re looking to establish yourself as a dominant industry leader. Industry-wide events can help you strike engaging conversations with creative minds that would be willing to work and collaborate with your company.

You can either organize a full-scale conference around HR, Sales, and Marketing goals or conduct recruitment-specific events. Whatever you proceed with, if you want to be the top consideration for talented candidates, you need to show yourself as the top player of your industry as well.

  1. Convey Your Company’s Vision and Values

A key step to brand your company’s vision and values lies in not waiting for an interviewee to ask about your company. Try opening the communication lines in the beginning of the application. From there on, make it a habit to prove your company’s values in your day-to-day actions. It requires a lot of consistency and time to build a brand. That’s why you need to inspire trust and build integrity to show that you’re truly committed to your values.

 Moreover, you also need to make sure that the values of your company aligns with the way people talk about your organization or perceive it.

  1. Accept and Harness Feedbacks

You need to think like a marketer and note what applicants are sharing about your brand’s hiring process or the image your brand is portraying. There are chances that your recruiters come across several objections and valuable opinions. You need to make sure that you share them with your company’s strategist/employees so that concerns get addressed.

Furthermore, being a potential employer, your opinion matters a lot and is rewarding. If you’re interviewing someone, you need to be caring enough to ask them for their feedback and make a change to represent yourself as the best employer that looks upon his employee’s needs.

5 Prioritize Health

We all know the impact of COVID-19, how it affected our working and living. Social distancing, quarantine, work from home, are some of the terms that became famous with the pandemic. Health was and is still the most important thing to maintain.

Health should not be the focus for only pandemic situations but also on a day to day basis. For this, having employee assistance programs, mind health training sessions, or yoga sessions, after or before the office hours will help employees to have a peaceful mind and healthy body.

Thus, nurturing a healthy work environment will help in maintaining a happy attitude among employees.

But if employees are taken for granted and are not looked upon, then they might find ways to survive a job till they don’t get a better option.

What’s Next?

A lot goes into making an employee-first company. Firstly, you have to invest in enterprise app development services to become digital-friendly, while being more responsive towards your employees’ feedback. The first step is always to create an engaging employee experience that helps in building a strong team from an employee’s perspective.

Although the steps are a bit difficult to follow, the outcome is rewarding. Businesses will be able to not only find the right talent but also keep their current employees engaged. Thus, you need to make sure that you’re doing this process right. The four tips shared above will definitely help you with it.

Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or a seasoned expert, finding a company that would give you all the opportunities requires extensive research. By following these tips, you will get the correct fit and give yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress.