You may think that playing this game is for merely passing time but you may have to think twice because ping pong play for health joy is real and practical.

Playing this game has a lot of health benefits and can be used as a source of deriving your own joy because it is fun and engaging.

This game just like any other has its own rules that you as a player need to adhere to.

For the ping pong game to be complete, it must have two players who are opponents, small lightweight ball, paddles, net & posts and finally the ping pong table top.

The following are some of the reason that will convince you to consider ping pong play for health joy.

Ping pong play for health joy is good for socializing with others

This game offers a platform of socializing with family and friends while at the same time helps you in reducing weight.

It does not matter about the age group you are in, this game is suitable for both the bold and young through which relationships can be established and maintained for quite a long time.

By playing the game you can be sure that lots of calories in your body are sliced by a bigger percentage and this applies for both you and your opponent.

Socializing brings about togetherness.

Improves brain function.

During the match, both you and your opponents can be able to predict where the next shot will go, this will both enable you to utilize the prefrontal cortex.

This is especially good for the elderly because the brain exercises will provide a better memory for long term actions.

This kind of benefit will bring joy to your family since you will not be worried about either your grandmother or grandfather has forgotten to do what they ought to have done.

Improves communication

Communication is the essence of good relationship and without it, healthy life cannot survive.

This game will help you improve communication since when you are in constant contact with your family, it brings you closer to them.

Playing the game at home brings lots of laughter and joy because you can be able to bend the rules to fit your needs. This will be fun for all of you and will also encourage bonding time.

With good communication, there is a probable healthy lifestyle accompanied by joy.

It boosts your concentration

When you are enjoying the game you will notice that maximum concentration is needed, any kind of distraction can really cost you the match.

By helping you concentrate more, this game can help you in many areas of your life because you can be able to apply the same technique you use during the match in other activities and still get the desired results.

In life, you require good concentration so that you may get good results, try ping pong for positive change.

The harmonization between hand and eye is also improved

Since the game requires you to use a paddle and your eyes, this enable good teamwork between both parts of your body. It is very beneficial to old people.

With good harmonization of both the hands and eyes the old are able to be a bit flexible and also renew their tactics and skills.

The planning of the match also boots the alertness of the brain which makes you have many good ideas of how to win the match.

It is a good way of physical exercising

Exercises are both fun and healthy when it comes to your body system. For better growth, you need to exercise. You can try ping pong as an exercising game.

This game involves many fast movements and reflexes that usually help you in burning of calories in your body. The games will also help in improving the muscles and joint movements, so any case of the back or joint aches, be sure that the game will help you recover from such pains.

Considering that sports are fun, you can try ping pong to help you exercise while enjoying the beautiful game.


By improving relationship among family and friends and also having health benefits, this game fits the deal. Whether you are still young and energetic or you are planning for your retirement from work, ping pong is the best game for you any time.

Amira Leyva professional physiotherapist and specialist on sports injuries. She work 5+ years for an American high school tennis team. Now she established a blog site where share all kind of injuries, treatment and prevention.