Unfortunately, the new wave of young hip/hop artists have brought concerns to the future status of the genre. Many of today’s great hip/hop artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and many others have had their rough patches, but overall have left a positive mark on hip/hop forever. Many current rising stars like Lil Skies, Travis Scott, and Juice Wrld have been raising eyebrows for their actions. Guns, Violence, Sex, and Drugs seem to make up most of the content in modern hip/hop which gives the genre a tainted rep. Thankfully, there are artists in the new young wave that are changing the way people see hip/hop.

BTG Dre, a rapper living in York, PA is one of the many artists making a positive change in the hip/hop industry. BTG Dre has taken a different approach to the main stream lyricism we so often hear today. Although he does rap about expensive clothing, jewelry, and likes to flex, he does it out of pure confidence and positivity.

“From an outside perspective BTG Dre is the young flashy kid but also humble. From the outside looking in people think I am cocky because I rap about jewelry and wearing Louis Vuitton, Gucci, moncler etc. and then I can actually show for it and back it up. But I never throw anything in people’s face though, I just remember when I couldn’t afford it by myself but now I can and it feels good to buy what I like.”


However, flashiness isn’t all Dre raps about. Despite being hated on, he also wants to bring positivity to his listeners as well. He says,

“From my music I just want people to have fun and enjoy being young and just experiment. Everything I do might not be the best decision but nobodies perfect, but at least I’m having fun. Mostly a YOLO type of vibe. I just show and represent the Youngins that show out and don’t care what a hater has to say. Growing up I’ve always had haters because i wouldn’t follow.I would do my own thing and pass everyone who rode the same wave. So I always got criticism for that. But I just make the best of it.”


But still BTG Dre goes even deeper than that in his lyrics. At a young age Dre lost his cousin in a violent gun-down. His lyrics about this moment go deeper than most and can resonate with many people who have experienced similar woes. He says,

“It was hard for me at first because growing up we weren’t close but we began getting close and rapping and writing together before he was shot and killed.”


The 18 year old rapper from Baltimore, MD shows the brighter side of life in such a dangerous city. He shows that you can stunt and not care about any of the negativity. He without a doubt has an influence on the younger kids in the area and strives to be a positive role model.

BTG Dre taught me that you can rap with a little bit of flare while still having a positive impact on people and the youth. We need more artists like BTG Dre.

Listen to BTG Dre’s music here:

Music By BTG Dre