Some of the most influential people in the media today are musicians. Especially hip hop artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, J Cole, Logic, Juice Wrld, Travis Scott, etc. What fascinates me most about these public figures is their climb to superstardom. Millions of songs are released every day but go unheard while today’s popular artists hold the throne. So what separates these superstars from their peers with the same amount of talent? My answer: An authentic story.

When looking into the lives most of these individuals lead, the stories they have to tell are life changing. Look at the artist Logic for example. He grew up in a household in the middle of one the worst places in the world for drugs. Not only was his sketchy Maryland neighborhood begging to hold him down, but also his family ties as well. His parents were drug addicts and drug dealers. His mom hated him because of his light skin color, he was broke, beat down, and lifeless. Pasts like Logic’s seem to be a reoccurring theme among public figures. A theme of the bounce back story. Our society loves bounce back stories because of their relatable and raw appeal. Fans love artists who can tell their story in a personal and unique way. C.J. Green is an artist who’s bounce back story is shaping the way his music influences people.

C.J. Green had a rough start to his life when his dad passed away at the young age of 13. Left fatherless, he bounced around different family member’s houses which gave him a perspective most people will never be able to experience. He says;

“Honestly most of my childhood was rough. My dad was my best friend and when he passed my mom pretty much got rid of me. I stayed with a lot of different relatives and was in and out of trouble after that. It wasn’t until living with my aunt Julie in Alexandria, VA at 17 that I finally was happy again.”

C.J. Green

When most people would leave their dreams in a coffin, C.J. had no intent of stoping.

Now at the age of 23, more than 10 years after his dad passed, C.J. Green is using his negative past to postiviely influence an audience on a massive scale. He is experiencing success as a hip hop artist in a way he never would have imagined. By releasing positive and vibey songs like “Talk About Now” and “Do You Feel The Love?“, C.J. has amassed millions of listeners across all music platforms. He says;

“In an industry and world with so much fakeness out there I try to encourage people to be themselves and love themselves and to love rather than hate.”

C.J. Green

C.J.’s story is fascinating to say the least. When a person takes their negative energy and uses it for good it can affect thousands. When an artist takes their negative energy and uses for good it can affect millions. C.J’s story is a unique and beautiful rendition of a bounce back story that so many musicians share in some way, shape, or form. Now as a husband and father, C.J. continues to make music and runs a jersey business as well.

What C.J. taught me is that a person can use a past full of darkness to shine light on a future of positivity. Not just regular positivity but purposeful positivity. When an artist takes their broken past and uses it create a positive future it affects millions of peoples mindset. C.J. Green has taught me the importance of mindset and positivity in my life. When you focus your mind on creating positivity and using it as motivation, it can change everything. C.J. says;

“What some people use as excuses I use as motivation to go farther.”

C.J. Green