Carla, who is better known as Karla Moscato, is a hip-hop artist from Union City.  At an early age, she began to get involved with the local artists. Later down the line, she learned to make her own beats and write lyrics as if it came naturally to her. 

It also helps that Karla has a love for poetry since she was young. This enabled her to develop a personal rhythm in hip-hop and grow as an artist. 

But even though Karla has an innate talent to make music, she’s not exempted from the stress as well as burnout that affects people from all walks of life. Here’s how she deals with it. 

Self-Encouragement Is Key 

“In this industry, you will see the stress and burnout because of how much it requires from you as an artist, as a person, and as a creative,” Karla said.

And to make sure that she doesn’t spiral down because of stress, Karla encourages herself through words of affirmation, saying that she can overcome whatever is in her way. She also has a motivational app on her phone that sends hourly quotes that improve her mood and keep her focused on her goal. 

Yet the list doesn’t stop there. 

“When stress and burnouts take place, I like to take a drive to the beach as generic as that sounds but something about the ocean seems to calm my senses when it’s disturbed,” Karla shared. 

She also tackles a little bit at a time rather than all at once to avoid personal burnouts. She also sets monthly goals to keep her on the right track and make sure that she doesn’t burn herself out by overworking or worrying about the things that are yet to come. 

How Her Career Began 

One day Karla was on break for work as a substitute teacher. She opened her laptop and was curious about the app GarageBand, so she checked it out. She started to put sounds together and drums–that very day Karla made her own beat. Her first album ever has 80% instrumentals that she created herself. 

Two years later, she invested in her own video equipment with lights, taught someone how to work a camera, and start making her own music videos which you can now see on YouTube. 

Karla then invested in her own studio equipment, made a small studio in her house, recorded herself, and then let HollyBoogz (her sound engineer) add his swag, flavor, and magic to her sound. 
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