8 Pieces of Advice I Would Love to Give My Younger Self

If I could go back in time and give my younger self three things, it would be the confidence to see my self-worth, the strength to go after my dreams, and the ability to understand how deeply loved I was.

As I stand here today looking back into my younger years, sometimes I feel amazed at just how my life has turned out. Between the obstacles, the challenges, and the redirection of life paths that took place, I can still say that I am proud to be where I am. I cannot help but wonder if I were able to foster the same mindset that I have now back when I was younger, how different I would perceive the world and myself.

Throughout the years, I have cultivated such an extraordinary, profound sense of perspective. So much wisdom, advice, and reality-facing truths that I wish I could instill into my younger self if given the chance. Now, they say that hindsight is 20/20, and while I cannot travel back in time, I certainly can reflect on the lessons I learned and ponder how life would have been different if I knew then what I know now.

Always Believe in Yourself

I know it can seem scary, looking deep into the future and only seeing risk and unknowns. There is so much at stake, and stepping out of your comfort zone might feel like the last thing you want to do. But please believe in yourself regardless. You have much more strength and power within you than you realize, and if you allow yourself to fully potentialize, you would be able to conquer anything that is thrown at you. Believe you can, grow that self-confidence, stand tall, and go after what you really want knowing that you will not stop until you succeed.

Trust Your Woman’s Intuition

The purest intuitions are the ones tinged in your own mind and emotions, and because of that, you should always trust it. Trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of entrusting yourself and knowing what is best for you. Learn how to assess your woman’s intuition experiences and let it guide you to making the best choices to better your wellbeing, even when everything and everyone around you is pulling you elsewhere. I know you acknowledge that it is there somewhere deep inside of you, but try listening to your inner self a bit more and hearing what it has to say.

You Don’t Have to Prove Anything to Anyone

Don’t base your entire youth on trying to please everyone or avidly working towards proving to others that you are valuable. This only stunts your personal growth because you are spending all your time striving to be the perfect vision to impress others. It is not worth it, I promise. Live your life the way you want to, get rid of trying to be perfect and ignore the opinions of others. And remember, this standing your ground does not equate to being unkind. You can easily do both.

You Are Smart

Oh darling, you are so smart, witty, and hold so much potential that I wish you could see from my eyes right now. I wish that you would be able to see just how smart you are, and if there is one thing that I want to advise you on here, it is to get rid of that self-critic lingering in your head telling you otherwise. And all those people telling you that you are not, ignore them. They don’t know you like you know yourself. Leverage the unique, brilliant mind of yours and see where it can take you when you let it off its leash.

You Are Loved

I know how isolated you feel sometimes. I know how often you get lost in your thoughts and feel entirely alone, wondering if anyone is genuinely there for you. I get it, but I also understand how unrealistic that thought process is now. The truth is that you are so incredibly loved. Your family and friends adore your presence, and you touch the hearts of every person you meet with your kind nature. Believe it or not, you are much more loved than you may think, and if you looked around and soaked it all in, you would see it too.

You Are A Good Person

Sometimes good people do adverse things, and that is okay. You are only human. Sometimes you will hurt someone else without meaning to, and you will spend days, months, or even years feeling guilty for it. So, at night when those swirling thoughts are replaying all the mistakes you made over the course of the day, take a step back and remember all the good you did too. Give yourself some credit because you really are a good person who means well and wants to see the best in others. You deserve to recognize that the planet is so much better with a good person like you in it.

You Are A Great Mother

First and foremost, motherhood is hard. It is the most challenging journey you will ever venture on, but it is also the most rewarding one. You will fail, a lot. Every mother does because, after all, there is no manual when it comes to raising a child. They will cry, they will fuss, they will drive you up the wall. But you know what? You are a great mother. You are those kids’ rock, their safe place, and you know exactly what they need to thrive. You sacrifice, provide, nurture, and throw in some fun bonding even when you had the toughest of days at work. You illuminate that unconditional love and protection, and they are lucky to have such a wonderful mom like you to look up to.

You Matter

Do me a favor, and envision something for me. What do you think life would be like if you were never born? Your mother and father would not have you as a daughter. Your beautiful children would not exist, and the world would have one less kind person in it, advocating for positive change. You may be just one person out of billions of other humans, but there is absolutely no one like you. You have so much potential, authenticity, value, and can deliver so much to the world that no one else can. The people around you need you, society needs you, and for that, you matter much more than you think you do.

Final Thoughts

I know I am not perfect. I have made mistakes, some more significant than others, and I am bound to make hundreds more in my future. But everything I have faced has shaped me into the empowering woman that I am today, and I am entirely grateful for that. I have lived a lot, learned a lot, and I see more color in things that were once black and white. This advice to my younger self, though it would have been great to actually have that conversation, is not just about self-reflection. It is about taking the time to go over my life lessons, highlighting my newly founded mindset, and encourage myself to hang onto that collected wisdom so I can create a vibrant future.

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