These topics will help you focus to be grateful instead of attracting negative vibes and you should.

As a millennial, the corona virus has created so much anxiety for me during this unprecedented time. This is probably my 3rd crisis to experience since the great financial bankrupt when I was in high school. So, how do I go about thanking all possibilities that had happened these days despite the health crisis we’ve been facing so far?

Reconnecting with friends and family

I am grateful to have my friends and family with me during the difficult times. I have been focusing on my corporate life, travel, and relationships in my circle but I often forget to connect with my old friends, distant relatives in the Philippines and Spain- two countries I lived and came from. I quit social media last year without having new updates with them aside from a handful people who knows my contact. This crisis realized that reconnecting with them again shade an important topic to address the gap we had. A simple hello and a 30-minute call with them means a lot in shaping a value in relationships between your own people wherever in the world you are located. I am grateful for this opportunity again because of these important times, they are with me.

I am grateful for the lessons

I always complain a lot when it comes to every fault and treatment I get from society, and the people I met in my life. I am learning to compose and focus on the lessons I get from all frustrations that are pouring in during this pandemic. I am sure, this pandemic is a wake-up call to not allowing shallow reasons to get upset on things that are not important. There’s a lot of things to be grateful, shit happens and being grateful to the lessons it gave me.

The opportunity to keep my job and serve the community

In this crisis, a lot of people filed unemployment because companies can no longer pay their employees. I have been writing for 5 years and am still grateful to work on my laptop while giving back the community by donating some funds and gave my services for free for those who are in need especially for the vulnerable people.

Is there something you need to be grateful at this time?


  • Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio

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    Founder and Writer of @theforeignsicktraveler z A Filmmaker, and self-taught photographer. Hafiz studied Spanish culture in Salamanca, Spain and Criminal Justice in the Philippines. He speaks Castillan Spanish, Filipino, French and Catalan. Although a criminal justice graduate, Abdul Hafiz found his passion in travel blogging and public speaking. He traveled 3 continents in 140 cities while traveling solo. His famous quote "Travel without borders" has been an inspiration to travelers and digital nomads across the world. He writes travel experiences, engages in travel events and currently writing his own book. Previously, Hafiz held contributor roles at Huff PostNatGeo, and featured in various media outlets where he tackled content in storytelling and unique travel experiences.