Many factors influence the condition of your skin. Below we have presented the most important ones.

The factors which influence the condition of skins: lifestyle, diet, exposure to sunlight, visits in the solarium, past diseases, genetic predispositions, medicament, and stress. Another paramount factor is age (with age, the skin gets drier and drier and loses its flexibility). Nevertheless you can counteract these unfavorable changes through proper care.

Skin lesions – when do they emerge?
With age your skin is subject to various changes, some of which are visible to the naked eye. When you turn thirty, you can see early wrinkles – at first they are worry lines and then turn into permanent. When you are in your forties, you may happen to experience sudden changes. The skin is not as flexible as it used to be, tends to get too dry. It is a result of gradual loss of skin water as well as deteriorating functions of sweat gland and oil gland. You can see your skin gets discolored. Some disturbing symptoms may suggest not only dermatological issue but also other dangerous diseases, e.g. liver insufficiency, thyroid gland issue or diabetes.

How to prevent skin aging process?
All these changes emerge early or late, depending on whether you take care of your skin. You can stop the aging process if you avoid extensive sunbathing, exposure to very high or very low temperatures, smoking cigarettes. Another important thing is to remember about daily care. Surely few of you realize that earrings in various parts of the body (in the nose or belly button) as well as tattoos can damage your skin. The only way of getting rid of these decorations is the surgery.

Impact of stress on skin
The stress is another factor that affects your skin. As a result of a long-term stress, your skin gets matte and less flexible, is covered in minor wrinkles which with years become more and more visible. At this point it is essential that we emphasize the fact that stress generates large amounts of sebum which may contribute to emergence of pimples, particularly on oily skin. Affected by stress, a soft skin gets too dry and is susceptible to irritation. An important issue is dermatological diseases which are vastly based on stress, e.g. spot baldness or albinism.

All of the aforesaid factors influence the condition of your skin. In order to prevent fast changes, it is important that you use high-quality cosmetics and avoid careless sunbathing. Would you like to learn more about skin care? Visit the website: