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What is a brand refresh? It’s like updating your clothes from winter to summer. Like a store changing its window display to reflect trends or the seasons. You can imagine a brand refresh in many ways.

Brand Refresh. Brand Update. Brand Review. It’s about staying current and keeping your online presence fresh.

The Message of a Brand Refresh

A brand refresh shows your clients you care about them, and for them you are staying connected to trends. Your expertise evolves in life and business, and you want your clients to see you transform.

Imagine a store that never changes its display. Would you go in a second or third time? The same is true of your online presence. It is volatile, to say the least.

The new reality is . . . one rule today, a new rule tomorrow. Maybe. Or maybe in 3 weeks. The good news is that this has forced us to take chances, to be out there, to play with circumstances—all the things that women in business are good at.

Your Brand Is Your Soul Essence

Your brand is your soul essence, the essence you share with your followers. Through your brand, you are putting your expertise in service to others out there, and they are getting to know you as a professional.

This is the new style of marketing. You offer your expertise, you initiate a relationship with others.

A good relationship starts by you offering your knowledge and interacting with like-minded people. You put it all out there. You are transparent, because you believe that is the best way to serve the world.

Serving Your Online Business Community

Creating your online family means offering a fluid, evolving online presence.

A brand refresh is an inexpensive way to present a renewed you to your community. By bringing a fresh new look to what you do, you show your desire to evolve.

A brand refresh can be as easy as changing the colours of your social media posts. Or changing the tone. It’s a way of showing yourself at a new perspective and how that will benefit your followers professionally.

While a website review or refresh involves a bigger financial and time commitment, a brand refresh invites you to expand into new places and notice your own fluidity.


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