Make your business a real success, with the advice and experience of Andrea Bosetti, the great marketing expert, and social media coach.

Technology has brought with it a significant number of new jobs. Today you can see jobs like Community Manager, something that didn’t exist a decade ago, for example. Like that, you can see hundreds of examples, and all this indicates the path the market has taken.

Andrea Bosetti is a marketing expert and social media coach, a term that has only recently been heard. Bosetti has used marketing and social media since his beginnings in the world of entrepreneurship to succeed with his companies. His success is more than proven.

At the age of 23, he started his own business, opening a bar that he would later sell for a good sum of money. That was his first achievement as an entrepreneur. Then came one of his greatest achievements, in 2013, with the founding of Coverstore. A technology company that he started with two friends with 9,000 euros of investment.

After 3 years, Andrea’s enterprise already had 100 points of sale around the globe. A real success, which he does not hesitate to attribute to great marketing management and social media. It was his experience in these fields that gave him the impetus to his business, positioning it above the competition.

Social Media Coach

Andrea would soon realize that his ability to see opportunities in social media and manage them was rarely seen in the middle. He saw that other companies and individuals made many mistakes and ended up failing in their strategy.

That’s why in 2018 he decided to found Marketing Digital Mind. With this new company, Bosetti aims to train companies in the field of social media. With workshops that cover 50 hours and personalized consulting, it seeks to achieve that each company can be autonomous in the management of its networks.

In the time it has been with this enterprise it has managed to touch and change the way more than 1500 companies carry and understand social media. Changing the mentality and the way they work in these media is of vital importance to him. His conviction is that only by mastering the power of social media perfectly will success come.

What he teaches in his academy is what he has been applying to each of his entrepreneurs, and the success he has had is his best guarantee. But how do you use this knowledge for the success of your business? Andrea himself explains it very clearly.

How does a social media coach help you in your business?

Getting the most out of your business is what you want most, so that’s what a social media coach can do for you. To get you to the top, they teach you how to manage the most important aspects of your brand on the Internet.

Brand positioning

Social media coaches will show you how you can position your brand in the marketplace. No matter what your business is, to be successful you must position yourself and be recognized as a brand. That’s why one of the premises Andrea uses is to create a brand identity in social media.

Achieving this is not easy, but once you do it nothing can stop you from growing. However, it is necessary to clarify that it is constant work since these media are very changeable. It is necessary to be in constant interaction and updating of content that provides value to consumers.

Creating a committed community

A business is nothing without its customers, and in social media, you can get the best consumers and if you know how to handle them, they end up becoming your ambassadors. Andrea has achieved that each of his companies has a loyal community, with frequent interaction with 10 million people a week.

Getting it is only possible by creating close ties, having direct communication with your current and potential customers. The better that relationship is in social media, the further your brand will go, ergo, your business will have no other destination than success.

Andrea continues to change the way companies manage their social media. Every day he adds a success story to his company, something he is very proud of.