What is Color Psychology?

According to Vaastu – the ancient science, the colors have proven a successful medium to communicate the exceptional identity of a Business. From helping entrepreneurs to grow their business to strengthen their loyalty, colors help in improving the overall quality of a brand.

The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting–and most controversial–aspects of marketing.

The journey with colors seems to be interesting in every aspect of life. The colors give the experience of life-transforming, and the energy stored in the spectrum reveals volumes of light to enlighten our lives. Colourful colors show an intense effect on one’s emotion, psyche & overall personality. They touch our inner self and help to bring the hidden expressions; also give the courage to make strong decisions in business.

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A successful business does not only depend on the nature of the entrepreneur but equally contributed by the charisma of colors and the dynamics of their environment. From attracting new clients to enhance business opportunities, boosting success in appreciating employees for their work, the selection of perfect colors makes your profession to stand out and let your personality shine.

The reason behind this: Today’s most of the conversation comprises on colors, and persuasion consist of hunches, anecdotal evidence and advertisers blowing smoke about “colors and the mind.”

Why is color scheme important for branding?

Branding which is the essential marketing tool for Entrepreneur also runs on the preference of colours. A successful company make numerous attempts to choose the right colors that invoke customers to either purchase or use their products.

Why companies put lots of time and invest money in choosing the right colors because “colours are universally translated to reflect one’s feeling.”

According to a study – 90% of customer judgments about the products depends on the color alone. Indeed, the colors play a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship between the customer and business.

A study shows the combination of ‘Red & blue’ is worth to give one product a global identity.

Jennifer Aaker – Psychologist and Stanford professor points our five core dimensions that play a vital role in one’s business.

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Generally, entrepreneur of accessories or lingerie store, keep pink their primary color to attract females. IT companies use bright shades of blue to make their website – as it stands for loyalty.

The brown color that stands for ruggedness but when used in a correct way it creates a warm and inviting feeling.

How to alleviate this trend in one’s business and how to honestly get fascinating results, let’s have a look at all the various shades, which an entrepreneur must incorporate in their business.

By the time of opening a venture

Be it a commercial mortgage broker business or an online flower delivery shop; every business requires a rock solid and firm grounding to establish its work-friendly space. The most advisable color for them is Red & Green. As Red is considered the auspicious color for a new beginning and Green helps in balancing and growth.

Using tones of Red with 30% of other colors is considered suitable for the overall development of the business. Use this color scheme properly in making visiting cards, broachers and corporate gifts for good fortune.

Whereas, Green is connected with the money and loaded with earthy energies. It is good to keep a Green Bamboo Plant in the South East Zone of the workplace to enhance money and wealth. And a four-leaf plant covering the main door is momentous with good luck and bright day.

In the end: The colour you choose to represent your brand create a clear-set in customer mind what you want to serve. Hence, it always essential to make your desires match with your personality.