When most people think of wellness, they consider things like eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. However, there’s another aspect of wellness that you might not have considered: creativity. Expressing your creativity reduces stress, helps you cope with difficult emotions, and even improves the immune system. When aging people take part in creative activities, it delays cognitive decline. In short, it’s an important part of health and self-care.

What Does Creative Wellness Mean?

Creative wellness is the idea that good health involves every aspect of your life, including how you express yourself. It’s the idea that creativity is a part of you, and you must take care of it to remain healthy.

Taking care of your creative self is an ongoing activity. It means doing something creative every day if possible. You’d never eat one salad and then think your nutritional needs are met for good, right? Similarly, you can’t do one artistic activity and be done with creativity. You must regularly indulge in artistic expression, whether that’s dancing, writing, sewing, playing an instrument, cooking, gardening, or drawing.

How you choose to express your creativity isn’t important; the act of being creative is. You don’t have to write an epic novel or compose the perfect song. Your creative act could be as simple as dancing around your room or figuring out a new way to style your hair.

How to Be More Creative

What inspires you? What brings you joy? Experiment with different mediums and activities until you discover one that makes you feel good. Let go of limiting ideas — things like you’re not good enough or you have no talent. You don’t need talent or skills. The product of your creativity might be terrible, but that’s okay. The process of being creative is what contributes to your wellness.

If you’re feeling low on inspiration, it may be time to “fill the well.” The creative well is where your ideas come from. How do you fill that well when it’s running dry? Get inspiration from other people’s art. Go to museums, plays, or ballet. Watch a deeply moving film or read a well-written book. Take a walk and let nature inspire you. Then go out and create!