There are two kinds of meditation you’ll need to consider when starting this practice: guided or unguided. Everyone will have a preference, but you’ll benefit from knowing the unique benefits of guided meditation before you begin.

About Guided Meditations
A guided meditation features guidance from a teacher or instructor, which take place via video or audio, or in-person.

Guided meditation is often recommended for people who are just beginning a meditation practice. If you can relate to and trust a teacher for any new experience, you will benefit regardless of what you’re learning. Many would say that guidance is essential for anything involving the mind’s practices.

Think about what type of outcome you want to come about as a result of your meditation. Your teacher’s approach should include information on how your mind will work during meditation. Another thing your teacher will explain is the techniques, which may involve visualization. The teacher will help provide you with information on integrating the techniques into your life.

Some of the ways you might experience guided meditation are through:

  • Instructional apps for meditation that include exercises that help you clear your mind and focus
  • Local in-person classes that may include a variety of techniques considering the instructor and their spiritual philosophy

Why Guided Meditations Are Often More Beneficial
Everyone’s mind wanders sometimes, and guided meditations can help calm our minds and help us to focus. One of the most significant advantages of these forms of meditation is providing a specific focus based on your goals. Guided meditations often take three forms:

  • Relaxation – to help release anxiety and have a more restful sleep, with quiet music or other soothing sounds in the background being fairly typical.
  • Stress reduction – helps practitioners eliminate thoughts that are keeping them from focusing on their meditation.
  • Mindfulness – puts on a focus on the present, sometimes involving the use of visualizations.

The best form of guided meditation for you will be your choice to make. The individual guide will make a difference in your experience, as well as any background music or affirmations. One of the best things about guided meditation is the wealth of choices that you have.

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