Life Coaching for Business Moms is a uniquely powerful working relationship where your coach will show you your patterns and ‘big picture’ view of your life.

I practice ‘causal coaching‘ where we uncover the root cause of the issue, understand it and guide my clients to make room for new seeds of satisfaction and success in their lives.  We do not fix the symptoms, change the circumstance or blame other people.

This is so powerful and lasting. We do not dig back years in your life like traditional psychology, this is way more effective, enjoyable and results oriented. I show my clients that their thinking is creating everything in their life and why that’s the absolute best news.

The root cause of any problem is always our thinking. The concept and application of this will change your entire life. That is the power of coaching. Figuring out with curiosity why you are thinking and feeling is at the core of getting to know yourself better. Once you do that, along with feeling all the emotions you can create any outcome for yourself.

That is magic.

Life Coaching is:

  • A judgment-free space to voice thoughts, concerns, and struggles.
  • Uncovering what is holding you back from getting what you want in life.
  • It’s empowering, uncomfortable, deep and reflective.
  • Necessary for life-altering change.
  • A way for you to be heard and deeply listened to without judgments, fear or ulterior motives.
  • An external way of bringing your dreams, goals and best self to light in this world right now.
  • A way to put an investment of money and time directly into yourself and take full responsibility for your return on investment ROI.
  • A coach nudges you to grow up and be an emotionally responsible adult and step into your own power as a human.
  • A trained professional showing up to fight along side you for your dreams and goals until you get them.
  • Coaching pushes your limits to see what you are capable to doing.
  • Showing you unlimited possibilities for your thinking, life and environment.
  • A coach meets you where you are and shows you many options to get where you want to go or want to be.
  • Showing up with imperfections, issues and problems and being open to new thoughts, behaviors and outcomes.
  • Value of a coach has a ripple effect. Clients working on one area say business will affect every area because your thoughts and feelings will mature – so will the results.
  • Coaching is allowing the magical rules of the universe work for you by you taking full responsibility for everything in your life.
  • Letting you borrow the belief, confidence and power of someone who is further along – so you can imagine and start to believe what is possible for you.
  • Learning from someone who already has what you want – clients, money, hot sex, anything and mentoring, mirroring them so you have higher confidence in your self to start and continue.
  • Value of coaching is trusting someone with your ideas, inner thoughts, self judgments and showing yourself you can be vulnerable and receptive to the full experience and range of emotions of life.

If this message strikes a chord, ask yourself – If I had life coach what would I work on? How would I use my time with her? How do I want to feel when I’m done? Let yourself be open to new options for guidance and help. Your pocketbook will thank you.