Have you been looking for a life coach? Perhaps you’re looking for some sort of solution to help you reclaim your life, fix your wellbeing or just understand why you’re not quite able to achieve what you think you want? Perhaps you’re feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘disconnected’ in some aspect of your life – career, relationships, health, or something else?

There are so many opinions about coaching and mentoring these days; so many packages, programmes, different ideas about what is right and wrong, and how to chase your dreams. At times, it can make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong, like you need ‘someone’ to tell you how to do it better: how to be more successful, happier, more peaceful, less anxious, or how to unblock your creativity. I know the feeling, because I’ve done the same – I looked outside of myself for years to find solutions to how to be happier, healthier, less stressed and more connected!

Here’s the Thing: It’s All Within You

“The Universe is Not Outside of You. Look Inside Yourself: All That You Want, You Already Are.” ~ Rumi

However, what if I was to tell you that no one else can help you? Sure, I imagine that might be confusing because there are so many people out there offering ‘solutions’. There are so many people with 5 step programmes, 5 tips for this, 5 tips for that, methods that have transformed their lives. And that’s great – for them! But, here’s the thing: that is what worked for THEM.

There’s a huge difference between someone who tells you what to do based on their own experience, and someone who can tap you into your own truth about how to help yourself. In that difference, lies the answer.

If someone tries to explain to you how you ‘should’ be doing something, just stop. You do not need other people’s answers. Sure, it might work for you, too, but it is only in the space of consciousness about the fact that this is THEIR way, and not necessarily your way, where you can really work out what is most helpful for you!

What is Mentoring?

For me, this is what I mean by ‘mentoring.’ I toy with the idea of presenting myself as a coach or a homeopath, or a wellbeing consultant, or any label that might have people see me as someone who can help ‘fix’ them – and every time I have to stop myself because all that does is please my ego. I don’t want you to think that I know anything better than you do, you see. We are all the same; we are all part of the same beautiful universal energy. We are all connected. We all have access to our own innate wisdom. And so, I settle. Short of calling myself the ‘anti-coach’, I had to come up with a phrase that fitted the description of what I offer to my clients in helping them to transform their lives!

You see, I don’t offer you ‘steps to success.‘ I don’t offer you tips and tools on how to be happier. I will never tell you what to do. I will never advise you on the path to take. What I do offer you, though, will set you free on a much deeper and more profound level than all of that because it is something that I experienced myself when I awakened to this understanding. All I will do is ask questions which point you back to the truth of who you really are, which in turn reminds you that you have the capacity to take control and drop into your own insights and wisdom, which is built-in already.For that, I label myself a Wellbeing Mentor. The definition of a mentor is a “trusted advisor” who “helps people develop.” This is the closest thing I could find to even describe what I do; it offers a gentler feel to transformation, a softer, more intuitive way forward that helps you tap into your own truth by seeing what is and isn’t true about life, rather than following a short, snappy, wildly outlandish whim of a 5 Step Plan (if you’ve already taken drastic action because of someone’s wild programme, don’t fear – that path was clearly meant for you because the universe wouldn’t let that happen unless it was! We are always where we need to be, and that’s part of my understanding too). Most simply though:

I help remind you of the truth that you are already connected to everything you desire because it is all innate.

~ Nicole Barton

Profound Insights from Awakening

As a wellbeing mentor, I came across a unique understanding about how life works, that I now share with others. The wisdom that I came across in this awakening was so profound that I love to help others transform, simply by making sense of life. In doing this, I am not telling you to change; I am helping you reconnect to yourself – to remember who you really are underneath all of the ideas about who you are.When I am mentoring, I notice this. Some people are drawn to people who offer solutions; I don’t offer solutions – I simply offer self-inquiry! I ask questions to help you remember who you are. I offer you the oportunity to see something differently about yourself and about life; to become more conscious. Why? Because I see something different – and that’s the best way to help you see it, too!

You Don’t Need Solutions: Because You Don’t Need Fixing!

What I see, that often people don’t, is that you and I aren’t broken in the first place. In that way, I see that your truth is absolute perfection, absolute wholeness, absolutely ok. No matter how you feel, you are always ok underneath all of the thinking that you aren’t. I know that might not make sense to you when you are feeling so stuck at times, because when we are in it, we are in it. But I can help you to see if differently, in any area of life. Through the process of mentoring in this profound understanding of life – in how life really works, via universally guided, moment to moment experience of our thinking – you become more aware of the truth of who you really are, underneath all of the feeling and thinking about who you are.

You might have to trust me on that for now, but if you’re feeling stuck, remember this advice! My point is that the answers that you are looking for are already within you. It might not seem that way all of the time (such is the nature of life – and I heard this on some level but didn’t comprehend it until I awakened to the truth!), but it’s something I have a felt experience of – and that’s why I share in the way that I do, even if it doesn’t confirm to social rules. I’m a maverick; no one can bind me to a label or a definition of social norms. I know my truth – and I can help you see yours. Following someone else’s process leads only to their answers: yet, to truly transform your life, it is far simpler than any of that. The answers are all within – that’s all you need to remember. Dive inwards.

The only person you need to hear is you – and a mentor is the person to help you tap back into your own voice. If you want to hear more, feel free to connect with me! I’d love to help you see your truth!

Otherwise, stay true, and listen – to youself!