Do you find yourself knowing what you want to do but find it difficult to take action? Have you ever stopped to truly think what is holding you back? Take a deep dive into your mind and discover what is stopping you! 

You know you have a passion and a desire to do something. Start that business, go back to school, take a course, get a coach, the list goes on. So many people know what they are supposed to be doing but still don’t 


We get in our own heads, but it isn’t our fault! 

Let me explain… 

It comes down to our ego’s. Our ego is ultimately there to protect us from danger emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is always on the look-out for potential threats to our well-being and to remain in our comfort zone so that we don’t risk getting hurt outside of it. 

What it cannot do however, is decipher between real and perceived danger. 

As much as it protects us from actual harmful situations it also attempts to do the same for the ones that are not. 

Which gets us right into why we tend to hold back from going for what we desire. 

It’s challenging, uncertain, overwhelming and uncomfortable. All of the things that the ego sets out to protect us from! 

The irrational thoughts that we all experience in the pursuit of our dreams goes like this… 

“What if I fail?” 

“What if others judge me?” 

“That’s too hard, I don’t have the time”

“This isn’t the right time; I’m going to wait”

“I don’t have the knowledge, skills or abilities necessary” 

The list goes on, but you get the idea. 

These are the thoughts in our minds that hold us back. 

So, the question now is how do we overcome these crippling thoughts and take action? 

FIRST, it begins with an understanding that those irrational thoughts are exactly that. Irrational. 

Being aware that it is simply our ego aiming to protect us gives us the ability to be thankful for the intention of being protected but explain to the ego that this is not a scenario that we need to be protected from. 

There is no imminent danger here. 

SECOND, knowing that there are going to be challenges that come up and being ready to respond to them in a productive and positive way. 

Remember that just because we are not setting aside irrational thoughts doesn’t mean that setbacks and challenges won’t come up. This is still hard work and frustration will want to set in. 

This is where it is key to be prepared mentally for those challenges and despite not knowing exactly what they will be, it is key to always be in solution-mode instead of complaining and giving up in the face of adversity. 

THIRD, self-talk is key. 

The way you think, the words you say to yourself and others are play a crucial role in your day-to-day life. Most people don’t realize it because much of it comes from the unconscious mind. You are essentially on autopilot. 

Your thoughts will always want to swing towards the negative which then leads to your self-talk leaning negative as well. It can spiral downwards quickly. Being able to recognize this and change that narrative is an important step in making forward progression towards your desires. 

FINALLY, remembering that this is a process. 

There is no rush. 

True success is won over the long-term. It comes from implementing positive, sustainable habits and taking daily action. No matter how small that action happens to be. Making the decision to start taking those small steps is where you start to build momentum. Stacking daily wins becomes addicting and before long you are going to realize success that you never thought possible! 

Oh, and one last thing… 

NEVER give in to what is stopping you from achieving your dreams! 

Your PureMind Coach,