It can be very easy to assume that user acquisition is the most important metric for determining the success of an app. However, most developers and businesses would agree that user retention is more important.

When an app does not have active users, the high rates of download might not make much of a difference. As a result, brands are now finding themselves spending a massive amount of time and funds to ensure user retention, which has become harder than ever to attain as more and more apps flood the already saturated market. So, what is the average user retention and how can you improve it for your app? Here are some tips that can help:

Work on retaining users rather than acquiring them

As one of the most crucial app store optimization factors, developers simply cannot afford to ignore user retention. Although user acquisition is still something that must be taken seriously, when an app attains a good number of installations, the attention should then shift to retaining and satisfying the users that you already have.

Developers are always a little too obsessed with ensuring a high number of installs, even if they are of low quality. Sometimes individuals install an app only to use it once. Therefore, marketers and developers must concentrate on retention and not just acquisition.

Ensure that your app is high quality

An app is only as good as its quality. As such, if you want to attract users and retain them, you must do everything in your power to ensure that the app is high quality. This means eliminating all the bugs and fixing any missing features. If your app is not intuitive, it will also cause users to leave.

Carry out A/B testing

If you are not sure that something is right with your app, consider trying A/B testing. A/B testing will allow you to try out different versions of the same app so that you can analyse results to see which version performs best.

Enhance onboarding

A lot of apps suffer from low user retention because users simply do not understand the features included or the value offered by the app. As such, one of the things that you can do is to de-clutter and improve your features so as to enhance onboarding.

Incorporate convincing push notifications

Push notifications are some of the best components for increasing user engagement. However, for push notifications to work effectively, they must be well composed in a captivating manner so that they can trigger the right action. If you would like to discover more about user retention, please visit the website to learn more.