We all have a money story.

Mine is that I was a middle class girl raised by a single Mom.

This makes for a “I grew up poor” mentality sometimes.

I also think I am a Princess and my inheritance will surprise me someday.

Until then…

I deserve this…

…and I also deserve that. 

I can have whatever I want, because I am a spoiled brat.

Whether or not I can afford it…

…it should be mine because I said so.

But also, I am not worthy of any of it. 

I should have nothing.

I should give it all away.

I should desire nothing. 

Poor is good. 

Help the poor.

Be poor.

Don’t make money. 

Wanting money is bad.

Having money is worse.

So it’s all very complicated for me, and likely for you too.

This comes into play when we look at quitting drinking.

I hear from people all the time that want to quit drinking, they want to invest in themselves, but they just can’t do it. 

There is another thing that takes priority…

…and it is not help for themselves.

I understand that some can truly not afford coaching support, and wellness itself is a luxury first world problem.

For my clients, this is not the case and it is resistance that usually gets in the way.

It was like this was for me too.

I used money as a barrier to supporting myself.

I used money as an excuse to not invest in personal development or self care.

There was money to continue to drink, waste money, and make poor financial decisions, but there was not money for weekly coaching support, sober treats, or spa days. 

The fact is:

 Drinking will always cost me more than not drinking.

It is not a money issue.

It is a self worth issue, it is a priority issue, it is an investment issue and it has nothing to do with dollars and everything to do with fear. 

Since I got over the financial hump, I realized a Quit Lit book and a bottle of wine cost the same. 

The book provides me with inspiration, education, and keeps me sober. 

A book lasts for days, sometimes weeks of entertainment. 

The knowledge I keep forever. 

The wine is gone in a couple of hours (or less) and leaves me feeling sick. 

We essentially vote with our dollars.

Once I came to realize this, I have changed the way I put my money out into the world.

I have an abundance of money to spend on the things I love. 

Health, travel, good food, entertainment, local art, charitable causes, self care, and travel, music and experiences.

I limit the amount I spend on clutter, disposable/throw away things, and high priced designer items. 

I prioritize what helps me to look good, feel good, and enjoy myself.

At the bottom of my list is fancy brand name clothes that sit in my closet unused, expensive furniture, and new cars.

I spend as much on sober treats, rewards, and self care indulgences as I did on alcohol, because that makes sense for me.

It saves me money on my healthcare costs, alcohol fueled online shopping to fill a hole inside, and drunken mistakes whether that be spills, accidents, broken stuff, or restaurant and bar tabs. 

When I come across something I want to buy or I think I can’t afford, I ask myself…

Does this align with my values?

Does this add what I want into the Universe?

Does this help create the kind of world I want to live in?

If money is your barrier to quitting drinking and getting support for yourself, I encourage you to explore this further.

My clients and I are tracking tens of thousands of dollars saved on not drinking and having all the self care indulgences it takes. 

This is from people that drank cheap bottles or boxes of wine.

Is it really money that is standing in the way?

Or is it the fear of spending it on yourself?

Is it the fear of failure?

Is it an issue of self worth?

Investing in your health and wellness will always yield a positive return on investment. 

I couldn’t afford not to invest in myself for whatever was necessary to quit.

A few extra lattes and massages was a minimal investment for saving my life. 

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