What is the Difference between parenting and digital parenting ?

Parenting has its importance and today the need for it is on the rise no time ever before. Did you remember the day when you were a child and your parents don’t allow you to go outside the house without a guardian? Those days are gone when parents just need to stop and look after their child in real –life. Today, parenting standards have been changed and parents have to look after their children in real –life and as well as virtually.

 The rise and the rise of technology in terms of cell phones, gadgets, computer devices and access to the internet have changed the whole scenario of the parenting. Therefore, parents, these have to perform parenting and digital parenting at the same time, otherwise children safety always at stake. Young kids and teen’s needs to be protected from the predator’s real –life and on the digital world likewise stalkers, bullies and bullies online last but not the least pedophiles and many others alike.

In addition, since the mobile phones, gadgets, computers, and the internet have become very common parents have to do parenting in multiple ways. I mean real –life parenting of the children is not enough. You have to teach your kids how to use the cell phone, internet, and social media.

 Otherwise, they can use things on their own without using the privacy settings and often have found sharing their private information on the web without realizing the swear consequences and put themselves into dangers. Therefore, parenting and as well as digital parenting are equally applied to kids simply to make their safety in real –life and as well as on the web.

What is parenting?

Though there are multiple types of parenting, initially I am going to tell you the activity of bringing up a child to make sure their safety and needs are known as parenting. On the other hand, parental experts do believe that there are multiple types of parenting. Let’s get to know the types of parenting.

Authoritarian Parenting 

 They just enforce roles and consequences with little regard for their child opinion.

Authoritarian parenting is based on a kind of parents that want from the kids to obey the rules they have fixed for them. They don’t believe to compromise with the children against the roles they have made for them. All they want to regulate the roles on their kids no matter what they have to do for it.

Authoritative Parenting

It is a kind of parenting style in which parents create their own designed rules and they warn their kids about the consequences if someone goes against it. However, they also do believe in their kid’s opinion. However, the ultimate authorities belong to adults. So, authoritative parents regulate their own rules but also take care of the children’s opinion.

Permissive Parenting

In this kind of parenting style, parents are quite friendly with their kids and teens and make rules according to the nature and desire of their kids. Moreover, they always stay relax and don’t come very hard when it comes to the rules. However, an exception may take place when they are doing permissive parenting.

Uninvolved Parenting

In this kind of parenting parents don’t interfere with kids and teens online and areal-life activities. They want from their children to live on their own and make their decisions and to live without having restrictions. So, uninvolved parenting may come with the swear consequences and parents may have to face plenty of issues in terms of their child safety.

What is digital parenting?

The parent who keeps an eye on the young kids and teens online activities in order to protect them from all online dangers is called digital parenting. The sudden expansion of technology enables children to have their own individual mobile phone devices. So, they make social media accounts, use dating apps and often make online friends that are more likely to be stranger in reality. So, parents use the high tech –tools in terms of cell phone parental control app in order to keep a hidden eye on their children mobile phone activities.

 So, they record and listen to the phone calls, text messages, emails, social media apps logs, track the GPS location of the children and even remotely control kids and teens digital activities. All these activities parents do to monitor online activities in order to protect their children from digital dangers fall under digital activities.


It means both parenting in real –life for the safety of kids and teens from the dangers is necessary. On the other hand, use of parental control software that enable parents to keep a hidden eye on the children virtual activities to make sure their safety for digital parenting is equally necessary.


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