If you are observant about the phenomenon in the environment, you might notice that there is a vast difference in temperature and climate in the past. This is because of the human activities that cause an increase in global temperature.

Before, the greenhouse effect is quite beneficial to human because it can make the Earth comfortable for use to live. However, as people impact the greenhouse, it brought some consequences.

Because of human activities, the natural greenhouse effect through the burning of fuels resulted in more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases can trap more heat and cause the Earth to warm up.

Here, you will have a deeper understanding of the greenhouse effect and how does it affect our lives.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

A greenhouse effect is a process wherein it happens when gases in the Earth’s atmosphere traps the heat of the sun. In return, it can make Earth warmer and provide a comfortable living environment. It is a natural phenomenon that benefits human because of the suitable temperature for the development of life.

How Greenhouse Effect Affects Our Life

Through the greenhouse effect, humans obtain comfortable and sustainable living conditions. But, the increase in the average temperature due to human actions. As a result, it causes various consequences.

Food Shortages

If Earth continues to trap more heat, it can affect the climate. And, climate change can impact food availability. There is an anticipation of decline in food and agricultural production due to climate change. This will result in food shortages.

Migration of Species

For animal species to survive changes in climatic patterns, they have to migrate forcedly. Progressive increase in average temperatures will also force human beings to move. According to the World Bank, people will move out of their homes because of violent floods or lack of food by 2050.


Greenhouse effect directly affects the climatic pattern. As a result, flooding of coastal cities and islands might occur. From 1901 to 2010, the global average sea level has risen to 19 cm. Then, by the year 2100, it is estimated that sea level will be higher than its current level – between 15 and 90 cm.

Glacial Retreat

Glacial retreat can result in a global rise in average sea level, reduced albedo, and release of more massive methane columns. If this phenomenon occurs, the planet can be less safe for human beings.


Global warming contributes to the desertification as well as affects the process of soil degradation. Desertification can destroy the biological potential that will result in an unproductive and barren land. When there are infertile areas, it can affect food production as well as livestock.

Many are still unaware of the future consequences of the greenhouse effect. As for people who want to protect themselves from this phenomenon, they come up with some solutions to make them comfortable despite the ever-changing climatic patterns. They use greenhouse halls like from Eden Halls Greenhouse and hope that the consequences will not happen in the coming years.



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