Every one of us is in a constant pursuit of happiness. We are drawn to happiness that we get from food, clothes, home and other material goods, from money, fame, status, etc. and also from our friends, family, relatives and in the company of various people. However, how often may you have experienced that after being to a nice restaurant or buying a new item of clothing or having attended an important event, we initially feel quite happy, but soon afterwards, we feel a feeling of emptiness or find ourselves frustrated or troubled by some or the other source of suffering therein. 

It is because the worldly things can give us only temporary happiness. 

All the worldly sources of happiness are fleeting in nature and therefore we experience emotions of happiness and joy for only a brief period. The feelings of joy  inherently dissipate, and your pursuit of happiness begins all over again. 

Therefore, happiness is never constant; it is always wavering, meaning it increases or decreases with time, with people, with the unfolding of different circumstances in life – and it never satisfies. 

Thus, it is not possible to find any worldly happiness that is constant. 

Spiritual Science unlocks permanent happiness!

In contrast to worldly happiness, Spiritual Science states that real happiness is one which is never followed by unhappiness. This experience of bliss is constant, never wavering and free from dependency!

Spiritual Science further explains that the real reason behind misery and sorrow is because one has not discovered the true answer to the question of ‘Who am I’, and therefore relates one’s identity to the name, the body and the ego. It is because of this false belief that one experiences emotional, mental, physical and external problems, which in reality belongs to the body and the ego. As a result, one experiences happiness and misery. In contrast, the Self is never wavering and is free from dependency.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has cited:

There is endless happiness in this world, but provided one knows the ‘science’ behind it! ‘Science’ can give happiness. You have become disillusioned; the wrong belief has set in and that is why you are unhappy. When the wrong belief leaves and the ‘right belief’ sets in, there is nothing but happiness.”

In reality, the happiness everyone is pursuing is within them. It exists in their Soul. The Soul is an abundant source of eternal bliss. All you have to do is to realize it. Once realized, there is untold bliss within. This bliss of the Soul (our real Self) then prevails in every circumstance and with everyone. It never leaves you and naturally flows from within. When we attain the knowledge of the Self i.e. attain Self-Realization with the grace of a living Enlightened person, we experience that constant eternal bliss. Even amidst circumstances of pain and sorrow, this bliss does not waver. After Self-Realization, as we follow the Enlightened One’s words, we learn to keep the aspects which are not ours – the body and ego – separate, and hence they gradually stop creating sorrow within us.

To conclude: 

Worldly happiness is always temporary, and hence is always followed by sorrow. It’s because it is reliant on many circumstances in the form of people we meet, the place we live, the time, etc. Worldly happiness belongs to the name, body and ego and You, from the perspective of the real Self, are separate from them. 

The bliss of the Self is the permanent happiness, and it is right within us. It only requires the right understanding, which comes following Self-realization. There is no comparison between worldly happiness and the bliss of the Self. And to attain the latter, all you have to do is, go to Akram Gnani, the Enlightened One, and from Him, you attain Self-Realization. Thereafter, your happiness (bliss of the Soul) will never be followed by sorrow. Isn’t that wonderful?!