I am in awe of people who have a strongly purpose-filled approach to life. They are so much better at dealing with setbacks because they can see that minor challenges can never endanger the bigger picture. They also seem to have less clutter in their lives, because they don’t allow things that don’t contribute to their purpose to fill up their day.  

So, there are clear benefits to having a greater purpose. But of course, you can’t just snap your fingers and say, “now I have a purpose”. The first part of that journey is to find that purpose, and then to live your life accordingly.  

Below are some of the tips I can share from observing people who live their lives according to a higher purpose.

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  1. Belief 

Most people who find a purpose for their lives do so first and foremost because they believe that there must be a higher purpose for them. It is this belief that elevates them from ordinary to special. While this sounds like a monumental decision, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Your purpose isn’t cast in stone. It can change as you grow older and wiser. You may start with one purpose and then realize over time that the purpose doesn’t inspire you anymore. Then it is time to redefine your purpose. The awesome thing about a life’s purpose is that it grows with you.  

2. What makes you unique? 

People often make the mistake of thinking their purpose is what other people want to see. This makes your purpose too generic and you cannot own it. Your purpose is totally unique. It reflects your unique skills and interests, and even your quirks. Your passions, goals, interests, and values form a unique combination, and your purpose should reflect this. Your purpose should be about how to achieve the best possible you as a whole. It can be about financial success, but not only about that.  

3. Remind yourself 

A purpose becomes meaningless if you forget about it or only act upon it rarely. For a purpose to really be life-changing, you should at least try to do something in line with your purpose once a day. With this level of focus, achieving your goal is one step closer. This is especially important in the beginning phases. You only have to give small steps until it becomes easier, and before you know it, living with a purpose becomes second nature.  

4. Share it around 

One of the best aspects of a higher purpose is the positive effect it can have on those around you. There is a quote that says, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Living with purpose is fulfilling, but sharing it with others is even more so. You have a unique set of gifts. By giving your life with purpose, you place yourself in the perfect position to help those around you in ways that only you can.