Have you ever had the experience of hearing something thousands of times, and yet the words finally revealed their deeper meaning to you?

I’ve been practicing yoga for a few decades and something the teacher said other day hit me with an unusual depth, while doing a balance pose. She said…

“Find your drishti (focal point)”

…in other words, focus your eyes on something that isn’t moving so you can find balance in the pose.

I almost laughed when I heard it. How ironic! What ISN’T MOVING these days!

In this current world with breaking news every hour, uncertainty around every corner….it IS hard to find my drishti.

But that is what we must do in these preposterous times.

But some people are able to do it: find their balance.

What yoga teaches us is that finding balance in the pose is an ongoing process. We have it one moment, then lose it. Even the most poised among us fall over at times.

So I thought, what is my drishti?

After some reflection I realized that my drishti is the same as it was B.C. (before covid). But it’s all the more pronounced.

My drishti is the ongoing quest for higher consciousness. continue learning and to help others find their drishti.

I’ve been on my spiritual journey in earnest for the last twenty years. And even more now, I feel a sense of purpose, in MY ZONE. I am passionate and enthusiastic for what lies ahead.

This is what centers me…brings me back into balance.

What we are living through now is proof that we can no longer live on the surface of life without doing the inner work. We can longer ignore our soul’s calling.

And THAT is what makes me feel greater balance, to feel excited when I wake up in the morning. To continue learning and studying from masters and others. To share that wisdom with others. To help THEM find their mission, their purpose.

So I ask, what is your drishti?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


  • Maureen K. Calamia

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    Maureen Calamia is a biophilia and feng shui expert. She consults with corporate and residential clients. Founder of a Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School, Maureen teaches courses in feng shui, biophilic design and earth energy healing. A board member of the International Feng Shui Guild for 10 years. Author of Creating Luminous Spaces (Conari Press, 2018) and empowers others to discover and nourish their True Nature in their inner and outer spaces. An inspiring thought leader in feng shui, energy and consciousness, she helps her clients and students integrate balance and harmony with their inner natures and their outer world. Maureen merges the wisdom of feng shui and geomancy with biophilia and our need to be truly connected to the natural world for joy and well being. Maureen has spoken to a wide variety of audiences including the Interior Design Society Annual National Conference in Las Vegas, to corporate training for realtors, ad agencies and healthcare employees, to environmental science professors at the NY State Outdoor Educator’s Annual Conference. She has written for Huffington Post, elephant journal, MindBodyGreen, Readers' Digest and OmTimes Magazine. She lives in St. James, NY. Take her True Nature Personality Quiz at www.luminous-spaces.com.