The word Pivot has become a word used when describing how individuals adapted and are still dealing with COVID-19.  Many individuals and businesses have been challenged by the pandemic, and possibly those that have mastered the Pivot Dance are having an easier time?  We can agree that there has been change for everyone, no one is immune to it.

Early on, we were categorized as essential businesses or workers who stayed on the job while others stayed home. Staying Home was foreign for many, especially for those that are accustomed to working outside the home, for others it may have been favorable to be with kids, family and get some quality time…either way, changes in our routines affected all of us.    

Whatever pathway we took, the Pivot Dance is essential for the unknown, because what does not change, are the monthly bills and expenses. Those that work from home and essential workers may have had an easier time financially and the Pivot Dance may have had fewer steps. However, the Pivot Dance for those that lost their job, lost business, had to cancel events and people with jobs in the service industry who had no one to serve, their dance was ever changing, and they are still learning new steps.

Staying positive, healthy, keeping the lights on, food on the table, is an ongoing challenge and if we choose to see the good in change and learn a new dance with grace, joy, and creativity we have an opportunity to welcome new ideas and way of living. Is it time to pivot?, if you have not already, commit your energy towards the “new” and thrive while exploring the positive side of what we have been challenged with.

As an Entrepreneur, I have been accustomed to the Pivot Dance and know when new steps are needed to continue learning and growing. I personally had to pivot because the events I was working on got cancelled. I spent time creating and connecting with others to find new opportunities, which I did. I am fortunate to work now with a California based company set out to be the change and produce innovative personal products and face shields and hired me to spread the word about them and create an affiliate program to help others earn money.  

If you pull together a group of Entrepreneurs, they may tell you how the pandemic forced them to dance differently and in doing so, it opened new doors as they produced, created new solutions and shifted their mindset and talent for the good of all.

I have heard many stories from fellow entrepreneurs who have been offered new opportunities, have written books, started podcasts, created programs and products, produced live streaming events, connected with community, offered their expertise, and helped others.

Staying healthy and happily pivoting left and right, keeping the spirit and cash flowing, is all part of the Entrepreneur Pivot Dance. One of the creative ways Entrepreneurs and Influencers keep cash flowing is they get involved with Affiliate Marketing; it is a profitable and easy way for people to generate cash flow by using their own audience and marketing skills to help sell someone else’s products or service.  It typically does not cost to start; you just find a product that is aligned with your purpose and passion and sell it on behalf of that company in exchange for a commission of the sale. This is an easy dance and suggest it for those looking for more cash flow. Investigate it, sway into it, and have some fun! You’ve got this!

Photo by Emma Matthews


  • Rose Tafoya


    Rose Tafoya is a highly motivated entrepreneur, author and connector. She is the Founder of GeniusETC and is an Entrepreneurs Institute Certified Entrepreneur Mentor & City Leader for South Lake Tahoe. In her journey she has over Thirty years’ experience in all aspects of new business development, sales, event and project coordination, marketing, executive team building management, communication, and networking. Her extensive experience includes fundraising and event programming for non-profit and for profit organizations. She has created, programmed, and implemented many fund raising, trade show, community, and career expo events. She contributed her expertise, support, and energy to the California Women’s Conference as Director of Programming, and contributes to Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Rose’s marketing and communication education has leaded her towards transformation workshop facilitation, public speaking, product building, and novel writing. Her passion for motivating youth prompted the development and production of Tigercamp- a character education youth camp and, a transformation service company specializing in helping youth and adults achieve success by providing geniusETC EDventures locally and abroad and providing Entrepreneur Socials and experiences in South Lake Tahoe and globally. All these services and products promote personal and business acceleration, confidence, clarity, brilliance, and living life with passion, purpose, and natural flow. Rose loves helping others discover their talent and guiding them towards their pathway that is filled with fun, purpose, love, and peace. You will often hear her say, “Showing up never lets me down.” She knows from experience that showing up is the first step in creating a brilliant journey.