sarah gibbons

Despite her seemingly successful executive career in the tech-business industry, she still pursued a different path and is now living her legacy day after day.

Sarah Gibbons formerly worked as an executive for multiple tech-business industry giants for over a decade. She has had great success and notable series of accomplishments in North American and European companies like, The Internet Movie Database (, and Fox Interactive Media. But, despite this seemingly successful and productive career, Sarah Gibbons still felt a void deep down making. She was experiencing a drive and hunger for a different kind of fulfillment. 

One might say that Sarah may have had it all during her executive years – the big salary, the title, the globe-trotting executive lifestyle, the front page news mentions – Sarah still felt that she was experiencing a hunger for a different kind or sense of fulfillment. The feelings of incompleteness and unfulfillment pushed Sarah to do the unexpected. She then decided to pursue a different path for herself to start building and living her legacy.

Sarah Gibbons returned to the United States from London fueled with her executive experiences and studied and earned her Masters in Psychology while taking care of her 3 sons. For many, juggling motherhood and studies would’ve been a struggle. But for Sarah, she made it work. It may not have been easy, but she sure made it look like it. Through her Masters’ program, Sarah Gibbons honed an academic mastery and excellence of leadership and began developing her art and healing power of coaching. This led to the founding and building of her successful coaching business designed mostly for highly-driven leaders which have grown year-over-year through her own professional tenacity and a personal passion, ultimately being both more personally fulfilling and financially rewarding than anything she ever did in the earlier chapters of her career.

For over a decade now, Sarah Gibbons has worked and is still working with ambitious, driven professionals who are leaders in every sector of their lives. Aside from being a caring wife to her husband, a loving mother to her 3 young boys, and an active Philanthropist, Sarah also juggles her time running her global coaching practice for corporations, organizations, and individual leaders. On top of these achievements and accomplishments, Sarah also co-authored a book and headlined events as an inspirational, leadership-guidance speaker.

If she were to talk about fulfillment at this chapter in her life, Sarah can now happily say that she is living her legacy every single day. Many of her clients have also said yes to a full life, but have yet to experience and engage all of who they are – the loud, the soft, the powerful, the compassionate, the creative. This is how vast and varied Sarah’s clientele is. According to Sarah, when one embraces one’s self in all of his/her wonders, they tap into their unique leadership voice and unlock the power to create a truly meaningful contribution to the world around them.