Julian Ash is a 19-year-old entrepreneur currently residing in Bali, Indonesia. He also gets to enjoy traveling the world because of his online business of growing Instagram pages and helping others gain a following in the same platform. 

Since he was in high school, Julian has been interested in how to earn from Instagram through the business of scaling pages. To do this, he has learned how to develop various themes on Instagram as well as how to maximize a page’s growth so that his clients can earn from it. 

As a result of his hard work, Julian now earns $15,000 a month from managing multiple theme pages on the social media platform. He has also helped countless people escape a mundane career and focus their energy on their Instagram journey. 

Creating a Long-Term Vision 

Despite his young age, Julian thrived as an entrepreneur in a niche market where many are trying to get in on. This is because he took the time to learn about what he’s getting into and realizing that nothing in this life is easy and given. 

He also created a long-term vision for his business which is to focus on growing brands and creating a loyal following for pages from scratch. So even though there are slow days for his business, the young entrepreneur stayed true to his hustle and eventually achieved his goal along with a taste of gratification. 

Although he finds success in his business of scaling multiple themed pages on Instagram, he keeps himself disciplined and focused by not becoming too complacent about his position in the industry. 

Remembering His Purpose 

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are some days when things get tough to handle. And for Julian, it’s the days when loses motivation and doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Luckily, he has a way of getting himself out of this rut. 

“I remembered why I got into entrepreneurship in the first place: be my boss and impact as many people with my message,” he said. 

‘Make it Happen’ 

There have been many others like Julian who have started on a path to becoming entrepreneurs by scaling brands and pages on Instagram. And since it’s a growing industry with a lot of potentials, there are many more who are aspiring to become a part of this lucrative scheme. 

To them, Julian advises “Take risks and make it happen. The alternative is making excuses. Anyone with a vision and a strong desire to change can get to where they want to be.” 
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