How to Get Maximum results

Whatever we do, we always need some motivation to keep moving on the road to success even in the hard times. But the question is, what are the possible stimuli that can keep us motivated when even nothing is working and it’s taking too much time to achieve something?

Actually, there are certain factors that can influence us even during bad days. These success factors decide whether the person will quit or won’t.

Here we sort out some of these stimulating factors.

  1. Associations
  2. Belief system
  3. Balance in life

1 factor: Associations

What surrounds us is what is within us. ― T.F. Hodge

You should think of with whom you’re spending most of the time? Because your association, with whom you spend most of the time, affects your life a lot.

It’s said that your desires and lifestyle automatically become according to the desires and lifestyle of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time.

You should notice whether these people are encouraging or not? Do they understand your dreams or not? If they are encouraging and understand you, they will motivate you even in the harder times.

Otherwise you will be discouraged and disheartened by your own affiliated ones.

2 Factor: Belief system

Your belief system is one of the greatest motivating factors. When you strongly believe in something you don’t quit.

For example, if you go to the gym. And you don’t see any change in the following month. If you don’t believe in it then definitely you will suffer doubts and sooner you will quit.

So is the case with everything.

Even a medicine can cure a disease if the patient believes in its effectiveness.

Similarly If you trust in your dreams then even in the harder times, You won’t quit because your focus will be on the results.

3 Factor. Balance of life

Excess of anything is dangerous.

If you started a journey to achieve something and you were passionate about it upto the extent that you started working day and night. You didn’t care about health, relationships, and social life. What would happen? You will regret at the end and regret is a big source of depression. Depression will parish your all motivation.

So, to live a satisfactory and motivating life you need to live a balanced life. You must sharpen the saw.

You must remember that you’re good at relationships and you are taking care of your health. You make yourself laugh somehow – maybe – with funny quotes and sayings.

It will keep you always in spirit and you will feel motivated even in adversities.