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When you think about the best storytellers you’ve ever heard do you include yourself? If not, you should. The stories you tell have a greater impact on your life than any story you’ll ever hear from someone else.

In fact, the stories you tell yourself will have a bigger influence on your future success than your upbringing, your education, or your bank account.

What kind of stories are you telling yourself? Are you too old to learn something new? Are you too out of shape to participate in something you enjoy? Is there something you’re not good at, so why bother? Are you too tall or too short for something? Too young or not smart enough? Don’t have time? Can’t afford it? Not good with computers? Too complicated? Will take too long? What story is preventing you from becoming more? Can you identify the story keeping you stuck where you are?

With the pandemic hitting in March, the entire business world has changed almost overnight. While there has been constant change through eternity, with technology, change is happening at an exponential pace. It will not be slowing down anytime soon.

You must have a growth plan. Change is inevitable. Growth must be intentional. If you are not growing on your own, with your own goals in place, you are subjecting yourself to someone else’s plan. Guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

If you are one of the many without an intentional growth plan, fear not. It’s not too late to start a growth plan. It’s always too late to wait.

Ask yourself what have you learned lately? What are you reading? What are you studying? Where do you see yourself in six months? By the end of 2021? What are you doing to prepare for the future?

In the past, businesses had 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans. With the pace of change in the business world, 5-year plans are nearly extinct. So much will change, it’s practically impossible to plan 5 years in advance.

With certainty, I can attest that businesses 3-5 years ago, were not planning for their entire offices to be shut down and overnight having employees working from home. I’m confident that businesses on January 1, 2020, didn’t have plans for eliminating office space for employees tele-commuting and restaurants weren’t planning for curbside pick-ups.

In order to survive, to thrive, you must be growing intentionally. You are aware of skills you have mastered. You are aware of skills you lack or need improving. Now is the time to begin working on those skills!

I was recently talking with an employee that mentioned her fear of Zoom. She stated she wasn’t good on computers. I shared these are the skills she must begin working on right away.  She cannot afford to wait for someone to teach her.

I explained that Zoom offers free videos online. I also pointed out that YouTube is a great resource for “how-to” videos, including learning computer skills.

With all the training available online, in addition to learning computer software programs like Quickbooks and Microsoft Office, you can learn another language, how to play an instrument, learn to knit, sew, garden, and countless other hobbies.  With resources available on your computer and phone, lacking skills is a choice.

With unemployment high and expected to rise with outdoor dining being negatively affected by winter weather and additional businesses closing as the pandemic spreads, there is no better time to invest in yourself.

Starting today, change your story! For example, if your story is, you’re too old to go to college, after all, you’re 70 years old. It will take you 5 years to get a degree. The reality is, you’re going to become 75 in five years. You get to choose if it’s with a degree or without one.

The future is coming. Your future will arrive. When it does, will you be where you want to be through intentional growth, or will you end up somewhere by chance?

Become a better storyteller. Look in the mirror. You are capable of learning new things. You are getting in shape to participate in your favorite activity. You are going to improve in every area you choose to. You are going to show people you’re the perfect height! You’re the right age. You’re getting better with computers. You are making time. It won’t take long.

Whatever story you tell yourself, you are right! As you decide how you are going to re-write and re-tell your story, think about those around you. Your legacy will be changing. People will notice your “can-do attitude.” You will be a role model family and friends will benefit from. Be a difference maker! Create a story you will be proud of and others will remember you for.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“You will overcome or succumb based on the story you tell yourself.

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