Born on October 30, 1977, Yorki R. Fernandez, better known as Yorkifer, from the Dominican Republic is an urban music artist, composer, actor, dancer, and choreographer.  

As a young man, Yorkifer was always a great dreamer and has looked up to Puerto Rican rapper Vico C as his inspiration. Eventually, he dedicated himself to the music industry. 

He began his career at the beginning of the 1990s by rapping, participating on stages with multiple artists of the time, and winning several competitions at national as well as international levels. He focused on genres such as dance techno, funky, and dirty dancing since these were highly celebrated in the Dominican Republic. 

Yorkifer also jumpstarted his career by singing, dancing, and rapping in the streets as well as in summer festivals.

In 1996, Yorkifer won multiple trophies in the first place, including two international cups in his entire dance career with the group “The Power Machine.”  He later went on a musical pause for several years to pursue his financial business.

But his calling as an artist and passion for music rang true for Yorkifer. By 2018, he resumed his career as a singer for reggaeton, dembow, and urban tropical music. This time around, he’s bringing in new colors and mixes to the industry. 

“Nowadays, I feel very positive to achieve my goals which I pause for a few years,” he said. 

Surround Yourself With The Right People 

Even though Yorkifer put his career in the music industry on pause, he didn’t forget the things that he learned the first time around. Rather, he keeps these in mind so that he and other aspiring artists can cope with their chosen careers. 

“The music business is very cut-throat. I would recommend to any artist that’s starting to have a strong team and to learn the process of income through the music,” he said. 

Yorkifer added that anyone can be the number one artist in the world but if they’re not surrounded by the correct people and they don’t know their business, the prestige they hold may come to an abrupt end, especially since there are many challenges and obstacles in the industry. 

Confidence Is Key 

When dealing with challenges in his music career, he’s quite confident in himself that he can achieve his goal with his head held high. And should things prove to be challenging, he sees this as an opportunity for him to learn new things. 

The artist from the Dominican Republic also keeps himself free from stress and burnout by spending time with his family, getting enough sleep, and creating new content that he knows will entertain as well as satisfy his fans. 

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