If you are a business or association looking to hire an amazing resource for your next event, or if you are a person with a story to tell and a purpose to share and want to become a great keynote speaker then this short article and video are for you.

The five questions you need to answer if :

  • How do you get over fear of public speaking?
  • What are your top tips for delivering a keynote speech?
  • What are the best topics for a keynote speech?
  • How can you understand your audience?
  • What has the most impact on an audience?

A keynote speaker is an expert in some field that is usually leveraged to open or close a conference, sales meeting, or kick off an event. Great keynote speakers are like any other professional, they put thousands of hours into getting good at their craft. The ingredients of a wonderful speaker include soldi stagecraft (using body and gestures to add to the experience, understanding and training voice and most of all having the ability to spellbound an audience with great story telling). The absolute best keynote speakers also leave their audience with two critical take-aways; an idea, or even a question, that can change their life; and a new perspective that they had never thought of before.

What a keynote speaker is not is someone who just decides it’s easy money, or they can just have one canned speech, or that they’ll be great “winging it.” Giving a world-class talk requires preparation and practice. This is also true if someone is doing a virtual presentation, in fact sometimes it’s more difficult because there is no IT support, and there’s no intimate presence with the audience so choosing a certified virtual speaker is especially important if it’s not an in person event.

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