What makes a great Teammate? I have had the privilege of collaborating side by side with a few great folks. No doubt you have worked side by side with people we all enjoy and respect and who make work fun. I have found some of the distinguishing characteristics of great team mates are:

  1. Great teammates are humble. They don’t talk about how smart they are or how good they are. They talk about how great the team is and how much the team has accomplished.
  2. Great teammates are sincere. They aren’t fake. They don’t put on false pretenses. They’re just honest, good-hearted people who care about those around them.
  3. Great teammates are client centered.
  4. Great teammates have high expectations. They set ambitious goals and achieve them. They don’t settle but instead challenge themselves and others to constantly get better.
  5. Great teammates are innovative. They know that there’s more than one way to do any job. They’re willing to try new ideas and take chances. They understand that taking risks can lead to big breakthroughs.
  6. Great teammates are hard workers. They are willing to go the extra mile. No job is beneath them if it will help the team succeed. They just roll up their sleeves and do what’s necessary.
  7. Great teammates are optimistic. They see the positive in every situation and believe in their ability to succeed. They don’t waste time complaining about the hand they’ve been dealt but instead endeavor to change it. They get others to see the opportunity and rally around their optimism.
  8. Great teammates treat others with respect. They understand that everyone has something to contribute regardless of position or status. They make others feel good about themselves and their role on the team.
  9. Great teammates collaborate. They understand that much more can be achieved as a team than can be achieved individually. They contribute their talents and experience to a group effort. They’re capable of working with others for the common good.
  10. Great teammates are self-motivated. And understand their strengths and weaknesses. They take pride in their work, and the satisfaction of doing it well drives their actions. They inspire those around them with their dedication and effort.
  11. Great teammates are passionate. And preparedThey love what they do, and it shows. They bring an infectious intensity and joy to their work.
  12. Great teammates are selfless. They put the goals of the team and the individuals, families they are working with are paramount . They will do whatever it takes to help the team succeed.
  13. Great teammates are scrappy. They’re undeterred by setbacks and keep pushing for the ultimate client goal.
  14. Great Teammates lead by example.
  15. Great teammates lead by example. Their actions speak louder than their words. They don’t talk about what they’re going to do; they just do it.

Great teammates are defined by their actions. I know this list is by no means complete yet this does reflect my experiences. To learn more about my team and how we work to help families find hope, contact me today!


  • Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CDWF, CIP

    Writer, Speaker, Clinician, Interventionist

    Dr. Louise Stanger founded All About Interventions because she is passionate about helping families whose loved ones experience substance abuse, mental health, process addictions and chronic pain. She is committed to showing up for her clients and facilitating lasting change so families are free from sleepless, worrisome nights. Additionally, she speaks about these topics all around the country, trains staff at many treatment centers, and develops original family programs. In 2018, Louise became the recipient of the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Excellence in Service Award. She most recently received the Interventionist of the Year Award from DB Resources in London and McLean Hospital - an affiliate of Harvard University, in 2019. To learn more, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDf5262P7I8 and visit her website at allaboutinterventions.com.