What makes the most confident man feel insecure in his relationship? Is it because his woman makes him feel insecure because she doesn’t show him enough affection? Perhaps a man thinks that his woman isn’t into him as much as she used to be so she may be cheating. Or is it because the man is swimming in muddy waters of his own and his own conscience is playing tricks on him to make him think his woman is up to no good. I, personally, feel that insecure individuals are doing dirt on their own time and feel as though they have to watch their backs at all times, and in turn, their conscience causes them to think that everyone around them is doing dirt. You know what they say, “You swim in muddy waters, the only thing you see is mud”… This is my philosophy and recently, it has proven to be true… I know that we all have our own insecurities and experiences that we have dealt with and each situation may be different every time, but in my particular experience and what I have seen, it has all boiled down to that low down man…

So anyone who knows who I am, knows that I am in a relationship with a well known DJ in the birmingham area. Well, for the past few months or so, we have done business with a particular couple, we will call them Dick and Jane, lol, and we have gotten to know them pretty well. Dick is a very well known business man in the area and has a nice lil’ swagger. He also isn’t bad to look at. Jane is a beautiful young lady. She’s classy and has a great eye for fashion. We have all gotten so cool to the point where we have even went on a few outtings and double dates with them; and I have to admit, I have grown pretty fond of them both. Now I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with a man being insecure of his woman, well listen to what this clown did…

So my guy says that he has a meeting with Dick and Jane at a place where I bartend. So in walks the Dick with another girl!!! My jaw hit the floor like “what the hell??” He had the nerve to walk in with another woman and they sat down had drinks and my guy and I sat at the table with them and the whole time I’m looking confused as hell. He was so comfortable, and did not miss a beat!!!

Once the so called “meeting” was over, it was time for me to close up and my guy and I were going to go to our usual after work spot on that particular night, and you would not believe who showed up; the love birds. They sat on down at the table with us like this is normal, and I’m so uncomfortable because I have been out with Dick and Jane several times. I mean, we’re not friends, we don’t talk on the phone or anything, nor have we ever hung out outside of the business relationship, but we had built some type of rapport so I didn’t think it was fair to me for this douche to bring his “mistress” around me.

Any who, needless to say, as soon as we got in the car I got in my guy’s ass because I thought he knew that Dick was bringing his mistress, but it turns out that he was just as shocked as I was. Dick also brought the girl back a couple of times and it was the same routine, but my guy and I decided to stay out of it because it was none of our business.

So a few months pass and we still go out a few more times with the couple that we do business with simply because we all know a lot of the same people and were invited to a lot of the same events, so we would just double date. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen the “mistress” in a while but there was one other girl that came down as his “business partner” but we all know that was bologna. So Jane and I run into one another while we were both out with our girlfriends and we all started talking, drinking, and having a good time and all of a sudden, Dick starts blowing her phone up saying he heard she was at blah blah blah and guys were all in her face trying to come on to her; I mean, just going all the way off!!!! She was all hysterical and crying trying to figure out why he was acting like an idiot because she had never done anything to make him think that she was cheating on him. At that very moment I realized that my thoughts about that very subject “insecurity” was soooo right!!!! Most men, I do believe are insecure because they are in the wrong themselves. I mean, I have seen people that are insecure because they are dealing with issues within themselves, but I’m saying that you definitely have to pay close attention to his behavior. PERIOD!!!