Let’s define success: noun; the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Success is different for everyone. To some, success means having money and fame.o others, it’s creating the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want.

I wouldn’t limit the definition of success to what society defines it to be. Success is different for each and every single person.

For me, success is having the freedom to go where I please, do what I want and be with whomever I want, whenever I want. that means spending time with the people I love the most –my family and friends.

I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, Jen, get to the point already!”

Well, I’ve been an entrepreneur now for almost 10 years. I’ve been running my own businesses since I was 20 years old. I’ve failed at most of them, but one has become my success… my winner!

I’ve also been raised by entrepreneurs and learned a thing or two about running a business and f””king up a business. Ha!

So let’s start with the what we think we know or we might not know at all.  I will advise that you stick around until the end because the last one is definitely the MOST IMPORTANT attribute to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Let’s dive in!

Surrounding Yourself With Positive Peeps

No, this isn’t ‘woo woo’ shit. This is a FACT. When you surround yourself with people who are optimistic and positive, you will raise your vibration. This law of attraction business is real, for those of you who choose not to believe. If you concentrate on the negative, you will only continue to get negative results. It’s the message you are pushing into the universe so stop being a Debbie Downer and start thinking more positive thoughts! Start thinking about the kinds of things that will actually get you to the life and business you have always dreamed of!

Know Your Weaknesses

Hire the people that are better than you at doing the things you aren’t good at. If you hate writing, hire a copywriter to write your stuff. If you hate editing videos, hire someone to edit your videos. Be smart about who you hire. Hire a team that wants to be around you and knows that the reason they are being hired is that you TRUST them and you know they are better at their skill than you will ever be. They will love you for that. People love to be recognized for their efforts and talents.

Accept Failure

Oh, this is such an ego thing for most people. It’s cool. Except if you can’t accept that you might fail at something then you shouldn’t start in the first place. Don’t worry so much about the ‘how’ but worry about the end goal.  Do something each day that gets you closer to your ‘end goal’. Accept that it might not work and you tried anyways.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Seriously, why do you care about what other people think? This is what this topic comes down to. Do you really care about what others think? Don’t. Remember that the way you deliver or create something is completely different from the way someone else does. Everyone’s process is different, stop judging yourself. You’re only hindering your success. If you plan to change the world or create an empire, you can’t care what others will think of you. You can only hope you’ll be respected for it.

Jen Morilla photo by Amanda Lee


Stop the voice. If you’re an entrepreneur, you run your own business, team, whatever, you know EXACTLY what I am talking to you about here. That voice that randomly creeps in to tell you how much you suck at life. The thing is that we never really MASTER that voice. It happens less when you’re in business for a long time because you learn to control that voice. But it still shows up. Learning to stop listening and reverse your thoughts, to good thoughts, is the key.

What makes a successful entrepreneur is knowing that voice isn’t you. That you shouldn’t listen, because the truth is it takes a special human being to run their own business. It takes a lot of risks and a shit ton of passion. Not everyone bites the bullet and starts their own business. People don’t see the ‘behind the scenes’. The late nights, the sweat, tears, debt, arguments, friendships lost, etc. Society only see the beauty and success. So for those of us to stopped listening to the nay-sayers and the Debbie Downers, accepted and embraced our weaknesses, believed in ourselves and our passions, thank you! Thank you for showing up every single day. Some days will be harder than others, but those other days will be the most rewarding.

My advice to you is to keep going! Keep going when it hurts. Keep going when things get rougher than you ever thought possible. Keep going when everyone around you doubts you. Especially keep going even when you think you’re crazy.

I promise, if you follow your passion, it will pay off.