Croatia is a beautiful country. It is perhaps one of the most naturally blessed countries in Europe. From beaches to mountains, Croatia has it all. Whether you are a history buff or a nature enthusiast, Croatia has something for everyone. But there are certain things that set Croatia apart from the usual tourist destinations.

1. Coffee:

Croatians love their coffee and coffee plays a very important role their culture. You can try out Croatian coffee in any of the numerous cafes you will find in the cities there. Coffee was brought to Croatia by the Ottomans and therefore, the coffee culture has Turkish influences. Traditionally people in villages would roast the beans themselves and this practice adds an extra dimension to the coffee. Don’t forget to buy some coffee for yourself when you visit Croatia.

2. Barbeque

Croatians take their barbeque very seriously. Most of the houses there have built-in barbeque pit and families spend their summers barbequing. As Croatia experiences longer summers and more sunshine, the barbeque transforms into a summer kitchen.

3. Olive oil

 Although located in Europe, Croatia has a lot of Mediterranean influences and olive oil is one of them. Where you would find bread and butter in most of Europe, in Croatia you would find bread and olive oil. And this is not surprising considering the abundance of olive trees in the country.

4. Great value for money

 Tourism is slowly becoming one of the major industries in Croatia. But still, Croatia is a cheaper alternative to other more traditional holiday destinations. And the place is truly value for money. You can stay at a 5-star hotel in Croatia at the same price that you would have to spend on a 3-star hotel in France. You can rent a Croatia property at a much lower price and use the extra money for shopping and indulge yourself. Or you could even spend more days exploring the country than you normally would on the same budget.

5. Game of Thrones

 Game of Thrones is perhaps the most popular television series. And quite a lot of scenes in the show were shot in Croatia. This has increased visits from fans of the show and Croatia has also utilized this opportunity very nicely. There are Game of Thrones-themed tours where they show you the exact locations where some of the most memorable scenes were shot.

6. Spectacular beaches

 It is no secret that Croatia has some spectacular beaches. The white sandy beaches which clear blue waters have featured in many travel magazines and are sure to take your breath away. But what really makes these beaches different is that there are hidden ones in Croatia. Beaches that appear out of nowhere and are not really obvious. These secret spots are a must visit while in Croatia.

7. Snorkel among shipwrecks

 A Second World War ship belonging to the Germans was shipwrecked in Zavratnica Bay, near the port of Jablanac. You can snorkel among the ruins of this ship. It will give you a completely out-of-the-world experience.

8. Unexplored territory: 

Tourism is relatively new to Croatia. Dubrovnik and Zagreb are the most visited cities in Croatia. But the country has a lot of territories that are relatively untouched by tourism. These villages and cities will give a completely new perspective about life in Croatia. 
If you are fed up of the usual forts, palaces, and crowded beaches, head to Croatia for a completely different holiday experience.