Art is more than just a way for people to express themselves. For some artists, it’s also an avenue to convey a message that can influence or inspire the public. It can also serve as an example of how other artists perceive art. 

Take, for instance, renowned artist Nisha Kapoor. Her art style revolves around the vivid and abstract. This is because she aims to tell others that there are no rules for art. 

“Respect an artist’s desire to express first rather than passing critique on the skill of the art. Art is not science. Having said that, since there are no rules– any form of art– abstract or realism is fine,” she said. 

Nisha added that doing art for whatever reason is more than acceptable, whether if it’s for making a profit, as a hobby, or as a fulfillment of a dream, the artist should be celebrated before art can be seen as a science or discipline. 

How Her Art Evolved 

When Nisha started painting, her early works were more doodle-type than the abstract approach that she works with now. Over time, she developed her style until she went from doodles to line art to drawing figures skillfully. 

“Later when I got noticed by peers and family, I decided to give it a more professional touch, while still retaining my authenticity,” she said. 

Eventually, her art style has been recognized for being unique while bringing in elements of mysticism. 

“My works speak of my inner world which is trance-like, deep, mystic yet blissful, and illuminated. I have been told all my works are very unique and never seen before. And that they all speak of a mystic, psychedelic & deep dream effect,” she said. 

This is because she draws her inspiration from the metaphysical experiences that she has been experiencing for more than a decade now. 

Exhibiting Her Work 

Nisha’s art has won various art curation competitions and was also featured in numerous galleries. 

In the coming few months, she will be exhibiting her paintings in the prestigious Brussels Art Fair, where she is being represented by the VAN GOGH Art Gallery, in Madrid Spain, as well as an art fair in Italy. 

Her paintings are also featured in two separate books on Top 50 contemporary artists. These books will be kept in the British Library as well as the National Library of Spain. Nisha also has representations from 12  international art galleries. 

Visit Nisha Kapoor’s Instagram account (@errtistic) to view her artworks.