A career in the music industry is one of the most demanding paths to take. So it’s no surprise that many artists would feel stressed or burnout with the constant need to produce content, keep their audiences interested, as well as set themselves apart from the countless others who are also looking to make a name for themselves. 

Luckily, there are various ways that an artist can unwind. And for artist Ty’Liyah Monroe, her respite from the trappings of her career also comes from music. 

Hailing from North Carolina, Ty’Liyah is also known as the “Tatted Goddess” with 132 tattoos on her skin. She is currently working towards becoming one of the biggest female artists, especially now that female rappers are taking the world by storm. 

Using Music To Relax 

Ty’Liyah isn’t the first to realize how music can be soothing for a troubled or tired mind. She, like many others, knows how music can be uplifting especially to a tired soul. This is why she enjoys listening to inspirational music whenever she feels stressed or burned out. 

But that’s not the only form of media that the female music artist turns to whenever she feels a need for a break. Ty’Liyah also takes time to watch motivational videos so she can remember why she started and continue to pursue the dream that she started. 

She jumpstarted her career in the music industry as a video vixen while she was in Atlanta where she’s been living for the last 15 years. 

From then, she has been featured in several standout music videos such as Jeezy’s “1 Time,” Lil Baby’s “Boss B***h,” Young Dolph’s “Paranoid“, K Camp’s “Tatted Up,” Lil Duval’s “Be Happy“ featuring T.I., and Wiz Khalifa’s “Going Hard.” 

Ty’Liyah is also an official BelAire Champagne model and has made appearances on Black Ink, Love & Hip Hop, and even Kevin Hart’s movie “School Night.”

Now, she is working on her EP and newest single titled “phatty” as well as two short films and her brand “Versetël.”

Using Doubt As Motivation 

For most music artists, there will be those who doubt their talents and how far they will get in the industry. But for Ty’Liyah, rather than listening and giving in to their skepticism, she will use this as fuel for her to do better and rise above their expectations. 

And one way that she hopes to do that is by staying consistent no matter what the challenge. 

Learn more about Ty’Liyah Monroe on www.tyliyahmonroe.com