The Opioid and substance abuse crisis is accelerating at an exponential rate.  According to the CDC WONDER online database as of 2017, there were 102,058 deaths from overdose and alcohol deaths totaled 88,000.  These figures do not take into account heart attacks, cancer, liver disease, suicides, and “accidents” directly attributable to the disease. (Dis-ease.)

     People from all walks of life are “victims” of their environment, (where they’re born), genetics, programming, (commercials, advertising, parents), and education (just say no, drink responsibly), and are literally taken hostage by the disease of alcoholism and addiction. As a result, they participate willingly without knowing the full consequences of their actions until they take that first drink or drug.  The majority of the population can have a drink or take a pain pill for pain and stop, but the real alcoholic and addict takes one drink or pain pill that sets off a chemical reaction and a physical and mental craving for more.

     What if you are born into a family that enjoys being “social,” having parties, going to social events, whatever they may be?  The child sees their parents seemingly enjoy drinking, laughing, and having a good time.  What if you are born into a very low income family and you see how your parents struggle to make “ends meet?”  The parents come home and take one drink or a few drinks to “relax” from a long day at work.  There is nothing wrong with this.  What message are you sending to the child or young adult? 

     What do you see on TV?  Beer commercials where the people are “partying” on the beach with attractive men and women.    Men and women portraying success and impossible feats!  There is nothing wrong with selling a product!  The majority of the population can have one drink to relax or if they get hurt, prescribed pain medication and stop when the pain goes away.  What about the phrases, “just say no,” “drink responsibly?”  The people who are not alcoholic and/or addicts can take a drink or pain pill and stop.  But the real alcoholic and addict do not realize they are genetically predisposed to the disease of alcoholism or addiction until they take their first drink or pain pill.  Some people say, “It’s a choice,” and this is true to some extent, however, once we have “chosen” to take a drink or are forced to take a pain pill to alleviate severe pain, that “choice” is removed.

     I was born into a middle class family where my parents did just that.  They enjoyed throwing parties, going to social events, vacations, etc. and they could drink responsibly and socially.  They also “programmed” my brother and I to get an education, work hard, and be a productive member of society.  Both of my parents had a strong work ethic and honesty that they taught us.  I completed my education, hit the work force and eventually graduated from law school and have had a successful life in the legal field.  However, when I took a drink or a drug, my genetics kicked in and set off an actual physical craving for more.  I could not stop until I got sick or ran out of money.  Then, I would come to and be full of guilt and remorse which, in turn, led to more drinking or whatever the case may have been.

     I have just released my book, The Book of John (Not the one in the Bible) that instantly went to #1 New Release in Substance Abuse on Amazon!  My book will help millions of people identify, delete and reprogram their subconscious mind to live in perfect peace and joy without drugs and alcohol.  I am extremely grateful for being able share my life about the horrors and triumphs of the disease of addiction.  The only solution is educating the public on the nature of the problem and the solution.

John T. Long

Attorney at Law